3rd Explosion In Amritsar Near Harmandir Sahib

Third low-intensity explosion in Amritsar near Harmandir Sahib; Five people detained

Amritsar explosions: On Wednesday, around 12:30 in the morning, an explosion was reported in Galiara, a park, and pathway surrounding the Golden Temple.

Explosion close to Amritsar’s Golden Temple

A third low-intensity explosion since Saturday night was reported near Amritsar’s Golden Temple early on Thursday.

Police detained five suspects

After hearing about the explosion in Galiara, the park, and the pathway surrounding the Harmandir Sahib temple directly behind Guru Ram Dass Inn, at around 2:30 in the morning, the police reported that they had detained five suspects.

DGP of Punjab asserted that the case is resolved

Early on Thursday, Gaurav Yadav, the director general of police (DGP) for Punjab, tweeted that “low-intensity explosion cases have been solved.”

The tweet from Yadav stated, “Press Conference will be organized in #Amritsar @PunjabPoliceInd dedicated to preserving harmony and security in Punjab as per the guidance of CM @BhagwantMann.”

Explosions intended to cause a commotion

The arrest of five people who were involved in the incident, according to Punjab Director-General of Police (DGP) Gaurav Yadav, has resolved the case. According to police, the explosions were intentionally designed to disturb the peace.

The Punjab Police declared that the case involving the low-intensity blasts near the Golden Temple in Amritsar had been resolved following the third explosion, which happened at 12.30 am on Thursday.

SGPC President’s Reaction

The third explosion, according to Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee president Harjinder Singh Dhami, was brought on by the government’s negligence.

The SGPC President, meanwhile, denounced the explosion and claimed that the fact that it was the third such explosion in a week indicated that the state government had been treating these incidents lightly.

Amritsar blasts

On May 6, the first explosion happened on Heritage Street and the second on May 8 just across the street from the first one. Greater proximity to Harmandir Sahib was experienced by the third explosion compared to the first two.

CCTV captured the Blast scene

Pamphlets that were allegedly thrown from the blast site by a suspect who has since admitted to carrying out all three explosions were also found, according to police sources. The suspect also had some injections that were found.

According to CCTV footage, the main suspect allegedly threw the bomb into Galiara from a window on the second floor of the Guru Ram Dass Inn. He was captured on camera entering the lavatory and then abruptly emerging. On a different Galiara CCTV camera, the explosion was also captured at the same time.

The bomb’s primary suspect and another suspect who was staying at the inn with his wife were both detained by police when they arrived at the scene. Three other people were also detained. After detonating the bomb, the primary suspect, who is said to be from Baba Bakala, reportedly slept there as well.

Further investigation is underway

In addition, the suspect reportedly threw some pamphlets with demands on them.

The suspect informed the police during the initial investigation that he is not a member of any organization and that he is simply trying to get the attention of the government.

According to the police, more investigation is being conducted.

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