Aditya Chopra’s Mother Pamela Chopra Passes Away

Pamela Chopra, Aditya Chopra’s mother, has died at the age of 85

Who was Pamela Chopra?

Pamela Chopra was the wife of the late Yash Chopra and the mother of filmmaker Aditya Chopra and actor Uday Chopra.

Aditya Chopra's Mother Pamela Chopra Passes Away

Aditya Chopra’s Mother Pamela Chopra Passes Away

Pamela Chopra died at 85

Thursday morning saw the demise of Pamela Chopra, the mother of director Aditya Chopra and actor Uday Chopra. She passed away at the Leelavati Hospital in Mumbai at the age of 85. On Wednesday, she was placed on a ventilator after being hospitalized for a lengthy time.

Her contribution to the establishment of Yash Chopra Films

The late Yash Chopra’s wife, Chopra, had a significant impact on the establishment of Yash Chopra Films, one of India’s biggest film production companies.

Her last public appearance

She appeared in the Netflix documentary “The Romantics” a few weeks ago to honor her husband’s legacy and describe his contribution to the Indian film industry.

Yash Chopra Films’ official statement

The official Instagram account of Yash Chopra Films shared the following statement: “With profound sorrow, the Chopra family would like to announce that Pamela Chopra, 85, passed away this morning. At 11:00 this morning in Mumbai, she was cremated. In this time of profound sorrow and reflection, family members are asking for privacy. We appreciate your support and prayers.”

The early life of Pamela Chopra

Pamela was a playback singer who served as a major source of inspiration for all the unconventional love songs that Yash Chopra over the years incorporated into his successful Bollywood productions.

She provided the vocals for the film Mujhse Dosti Karoge! (2002) and Kabhie Kabhie (1976), both directed by Chopra.

She was the cousin of Simi Garewal, an actor and chat show host and the daughter of an Indian Army official.

In 1970, she got hitched to the director. Aditya and Uday, the couple’s first two children, were born in 1971 and 1973, respectively. Although Pamela was also a Bharatnatyam dancer, she never gave a public performance.

The Love Story of Pamela Chopra and Yash Copra

Their First Encounter
Pamela spoke about her first encounter with Yash Chopra in an earlier interview with Rediff.

She said that she first saw him in Delhi at a Star Cricket show. She recalled, “Yash was only a few rows ahead of us. He was identified by my cousins. When Yash turned around, he noticed us.”

She further stated, “My cousins were extremely attractive, and as you may know, he had an eye for beautiful women, so he continued to scan the room throughout the match. However, we didn’t interact or speak to one another.”

Their First Conversation

She continued by saying that she first spoke to the man at a gathering in Mumbai, where Yash was also present along with his family. It was Sangeet at his niece’s wedding.

“We only had a brief encounter at first. He was too preoccupied with attempting to persuade Hema Malini to star in a movie. He was on the balcony the entire time with Hema. Just as the singing began, he entered. I was belting out tunes. He approached me and expressed his appreciation for my singing,” she recalled.

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