All10 Kuki MLAs Release Statement Against Home Minister Shah’s Infiltrator Comment In Parliament

Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s comment in the parliament for terming the Manipur conflict as an outcome of illegal infiltrators from Myanmar in Manipur has been called out by all 10 Kuki MLAs from the state.

All Kuki MLAs have released a press statement challenging the home minister’s comment and asking him to provide details and proof for his statement in front of the Indian Parliament during the debate on non confidence motion.

Kuki MLAs have reiterated their side of the story and the horrors the Kuki tribes are facing stating the violence a planned ethnic cleansing of the tribe to take over their land.

The Official Press Release By 10 Kuki MLAs From Manipur:


August 11, 2023

While our people are still reeling under relentless attacks on our villages by Meitei militias led by Manipur Police, it is disheartening that the Union Home Minister should state in parliament that the ethnic cleansing on Kuki -ZomiHmar people is a disturbance caused by infiltration from Myanmar post the 2021 Junta takeover.

The narratives of the Meitei fundamental organisations like Haomee Federation, Meitei Leepun and Kangleipak Kanba Lup that Kuki-Zomi-Hmar people in the state are foreigners and the branding of our community as poppy planters that fuelled animosity between the two communities have been ignored by the HM in his statement.We, as elected representatives of the Kuki Zomi-Hmar people of Manipur hereby once again reiterate that the ethnic cleansing on our people is a pre-planned attack aimed at grabbing tribal land against constitutional provisions. Our people have been violently cleansed from the valley, and our colonies have been
razed to the ground.

We reiterate our stand that the central government must give recognition to this demographic segregation in the form of a Separate Administration through a political settlement. We urge the Union Home Ministry to furnish details of illegal infiltrators from
Myanmar and proof of their participation in the village defence efforts of Kuki -Zo -Hmar villages.

We urge the Solicitor General to furnish proof of the dead bodies in Imphal mortuaries belonging to illegal infiltrators, failing which due apology to the court and the nation would be in order.


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