Asia Cup Likely To Be Moved Out Of Pakistan

Members of the Asian Cricket Council reject the PCB’s hybrid model; Pakistan will likely no longer host the Asia Cup

After the member nations rejected PCB’s proposal to host the tournament using a “hybrid model,” the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) decided to move the Asia Cup outside of the nation on Monday, according to news agency PTI.

Asia Cup Likely To Be Moved Out Of Pakistan

Asia Cup Likely To Be Moved Out Of Pakistan

The Asian Cricket Council rejected the PCB’s “hybrid model”

After the member countries rejected the PCB’s proposal to host the tournament using a “hybrid model,” the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) on Monday decided to move the Asia Cup outside of Pakistan.

This was a major setback for Pakistan. Since the extremely humid conditions in the UAE in September could cause player injuries, Sri Lanka has emerged as a front-runner to host the six-nation competition.

It will be intriguing to see if Pakistan participates in the tournament, which is scheduled to run from September 2–17.

Indian team won’t be sent to Pakistan by BCCI

The BCCI refused to send the Indian team to the neighboring country because of diplomatic tensions between the two nations, forcing the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to come up with a substitute.

In the case there is a shift of heart, the PCB anticipates that Tuesday will mark the beginning of the next phase of discussions.

PCB’s “hybrid model”

The PCB had suggested that Pakistan host their matches at home while India plays their games in the UAE.

ACC Chairman’s statement

“The chairman of the PCB, Najam Sethi, went to Dubai today to look for assistance, but to his shock, he discovered that no one had any interest in his idea that Pakistan plays its matches in Karachi or Lahore and India play in the United Arab Emirates. Sri Lanka had always sided with the BCCI, but as of late, even the Bangladesh Cricket Board appeared to be against the plan,” an ACC source told PTI.

“ACC has consistently maintained that the budgetary sanctions and the “hybrid model” are unacceptable from a philosophical standpoint.” Additionally, it is not the case that Pakistan is hosting its games. The third team will be traveling back and forth between Dubai and a city in Pakistan if India and Pakistan are in the same group,” the source continued.

PCB’s recent choice to host Pakistan Super League games in the United Arab Emirates as a result of rising security arrangement costs has only served to fuel the fire.

“Additionally, from a logistical standpoint, the broadcasters wouldn’t want to send separate units to two different countries. Whether you play at the Khettarama (Premadasa Stadium), SSC, Galle, or Kandy, Sri Lanka, like the United Arab Emirates, doesn’t require intercity flights,” he continued.

To formally announce the choice, the ACC Chairman Jay Shah must call an Executive Body meeting.

Pakistan’s stand on travel to India for the World Cup is uncertain
It remains to be seen whether Pakistan decides to take part in the event or decides not to travel to India for the World Cup given the current circumstances.

“Even the International Cricket Council (ICC) will not permit Pakistan to play its World Cup matches outside of India. Let’s wait and see what the PCB decides,” a source claimed.

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