Karnataka Elections: Give 40 Seats To 40% Commission BJP Govt

A day before the high voltage voting for Karnataka Assembly elections, Rahul Gandhi’s speech from last week of April is getting viral

Accusing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of widespread corruption in Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi, a leader from the Congress party, urged the public to limit the ruling party to only 40 seats, referring to them as a “40% commission government.” While campaigning for the Karnataka Assembly elections scheduled for May 10, he implored voters to elect Congress with a minimum of 150 seats, ensuring that the BJP would be unable to buy MLAs (Members of Legislative Assembly) to form the government again.

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According to Mr. Gandhi, citizens are required to pay a 40% commission to get their work done, regardless of its scale or significance. He highlighted that the Contractors’ Association had written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding this issue, but received no response. Despite Mr. Modi’s strong rhetoric against corruption, he remained silent on matters such as the apprehension of a BJP MLA’s son in possession of ₹8 crore and a series of scandals related to the recruitment of Assistant Professors, Assistant Engineers, Junior Engineers, and Police Sub-Inspectors. Mr. Gandhi emphasized that the BJP was collecting a 40% commission from the people, and therefore, they should only be granted 40 seats in the upcoming election.

During his speeches in Bhalki and Humnabad on April 17, Mr. Gandhi addressed similar topics, alerting the public to the BJP’s intentions of acquiring elected representatives through post-election maneuvers to secure power indirectly. He urged the people to provide Congress with a decisive majority of at least 150 seats, eliminating any opportunity for the BJP to seize power through backdoor tactics.

Mr Gandhi’s statement taking on the BJP government is going the rounds a day before voting.

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