Bookie Claims Chat With Amruta Fadvanis “Bring Down MVA Govt, Trap Eknath Shinde”

Bookie Anil Jaisinghani Claims To Have Chats With Maharashtra Deputy CM Devendra Fadvanis’ wife Amruta Fadvanis Talking About Bringing Down MVA Govt And Trapping Eknath Shinde

In an alleged conversation on WhatsApp, Amruta Fadnavis, the wife of Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, and cricket bookie Anil Jaisinghani reportedly discussed plans to bring down the Maha Vikas Aghadi government, which was in power at that time. The conversation is included as evidence in a chargesheet filed against Amruta Fadnavis in a bribery-extortion case. One of the messages from Jaisinghani to Fadnavis mentioned her previous statement about causing the government’s downfall and trapping specific individuals. He claimed to possess recordings and proof of their discussions. Jaisinghani also alleged that his daughter had given Fadnavis cash in dollars, with a video recording of the transaction.

Jaisinghani’s daughter, Anishka, had met Fadnavis in November 2021, claiming to be a designer of clothes, footwear, and bags. Fadnavis filed a First Information Report (FIR) against the father-daughter duo on February 20, stating that Ms. Jaisinghani threatened to make public Fadnavis’s voice notes and video clips unless she paid ₹10 crore and cleared Jaisinghani’s name from all charges. Additionally, Ms. Jaisinghani allegedly offered a bribe of ₹1 crore to Fadnavis to clear her father’s name in various cases, which Fadnavis refused.

The father-daughter duo was arrested on March 16, but Ms. Jaisinghani was granted bail on March 27. The chargesheet filed by the Mumbai Police contains WhatsApp chats between Jaisinghani, his daughter, and Fadnavis. However, according to the investigating officer Ravi Sardesai, the entire conversation on February 24, 2023, four days after filing the FIR, was orchestrated by the police to capture Jaisinghani, who had been evading arrest for several years. Sardesai explained that Fadnavis was instructed to engage with Jaisinghani through WhatsApp and other means until he could be apprehended.

In her statement recorded on February 22, Fadnavis mentioned receiving detailed instructions from the police on how to maintain communication with the accused. She stated that she was instructed to keep her mobile phone switched on and preserve all WhatsApp messages as evidence for further technical investigation if Jaisinghani contacted her. Fadnavis denied the corruption allegations made by the father-daughter duo, including the claim of accepting cash in dollars.

Another chat between Jaisinghani and Fadnavis revealed Jaisinghani’s plea for justice, referring to previous investigations that were supposedly on the verge of closure but were falsely filed against him during the previous government’s tenure. He mentioned the relationship between the special commissioner of police, Deven Bharti, and Deputy Chief Minister Fadnavis, insinuating that it could influence the case.

Sources close to Fadnavis stated that the entire conversation between her and Jaisinghani was part of a strategy to apprehend him. They emphasized that Fadnavis fully cooperated with the investigation and followed the police’s instructions to assist in locating the accused. Additionally, they asserted that Fadnavis never accepted any money from the accused and, in fact, was targeted for blackmail.

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