CM Gehlot introduces Rajasthan Transformation Mission-2030

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot announced “Rajasthan Mission-2030” on Tuesday, aiming to create a strategy for Rajasthan’s development in seven years. The mission will involve one crore individuals from various aspects of life, including specialists, researchers, scholars, merchants, staff members, and laborers. By the end of the next month, the report will get completed. He emphasized that Rajasthan has made significant strides in health and education. He launched a website for users to submit ideas and advised Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bring an ordinance to the House of Representatives, ensuring everyone has the right to social justice.

To reshape Rajasthan, Gehlot introduces Mission 2030

Mr. Gehlot claimed that the State Assembly elections had no bearing on the vision document. To ensure Rajasthan has a bright future, he said, “It will lay out our goals for 2030 and guide us in establishing plans and initiatives.”

“Rajasthan Mission-2030”

“Rajasthan Mission-2030” received exposure on Tuesday from Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. In the following seven years, Rajasthan was rapidly pushing into the middle of the developed States. One crore individuals from every aspect of life would get asked for recommendations, according to Mr. Gehlot, to create a strategy for the development of the State.

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Citizens will get asked for their opinions

Subject specialists, researchers, scholars, merchants, staff members, and laborers will get asked for their ideas until the 15 of the following month; the report will be ready at the end of September, according to Mr. Gehlot. CM announced the mission at this location’s B.M. Birla Auditorium. The Chief Minister had meetings with individuals from various districts through video conferencing.

“It will frame our vision for 2030,” Gehlot

Elections for the State Assembly were irrelevant to the vision document, according to Mr. Gehlot. “It will outline our vision for 2030 and direct us in developing strategies and initiatives to guarantee Rajasthan has a bright future,” he said. He continued by saying that the State was making significant strides in health and education.

“Everyone should have Mission 2030 on their agenda. The district headquarters even appeared to be small towns lacking in basic amenities fifty years ago,” according to Mr. Gehlot, who noted that Rajasthan arrived a long way and should strive to connect with the group of developed States.

“There were still matters in many areas,” CM Gehlot

Although Rajasthan had become a leader in social insurance, medical care, empowering women, and building infrastructure, the chief minister said there were still issues in several areas.
Even though crude oil exploration is ongoing and an oil refinery will soon be operational in Barmer, he said, vast amounts of mineral wealth have yet to get discovered.

Mr. Gehlot established a website

Mr. Gehlot launched a website where users can submit ideas. In addition to a toll-free number, challenges, essay competitions, and face-to-face surveys, an exclusive group will also contact people to ask for their opinions.

Mr. Gehlot advised Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bring an ordinance to the House of Representatives that guarantee everyone the right to social justice. He claimed that the Centre broke its pledge to grant the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project, which would assist 13 districts in the State national project status. He claimed the Congress government was funding the project from its pocket.

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