Congress Led Opposition Marches With Tricolor In Parliament

From Parliament House to Vijay Chowk, opposition parties organize a “Tricolor March”

All opposition MPs gathered at Parliament’s Gate 1 where Sonia Gandhi was holding the national flag before the march, which was led by Congress chief Kharge.

Congress Led Opposition Marches With Tricolor In Parliament

Congress Led Opposition Marches With Tricolor In Parliament

The Opposition persisted in its protest against the Centre even after the Lok Sabha’s Budget session concluded as scheduled on Thursday, starting with the organization of a “Tiranga march” and boycotting the Speaker’s customary evening tea.

The Congress and other opposition parties organized a “Tricolor March” in New Delhi shortly after the session ended, claiming that “democracy is under attack.”

In protest of the BJP’s assault on democracy, leaders of the opposition led by Congress rallied from Parliament Buildings up to Vijay Chowk while carrying the Tricolor.

Participants in the march involve party officials from like-minded opposition parties like the AAP, RJD, DMK, Samajwadi Party, Shiv Sena (UBT), and NCP.

All opposition MPs gathered at Parliament’s Gate Number 1 before the march, which was led by Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, and Sonia Gandhi held the national flag there as well.

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After the Budget session of Parliament, the Lok Sabha was deferred sine die, and the politicians of the opposition rejected the customary tea that the Speaker hosts.

At a press conference held at the Constitution Club following the march, party floor leaders will speak.

Mallikarjun Kharge, the president of the Congress, stated during a press conference following the “Tiranga March” that the BJP government was to blame for the washout in Parliament. He claimed that the Rs 50 lakh crore budget was approved in 12 minutes without debate.

“This is the first time I’ve ever witnessed the ruling party itself cause a commotion,” Kharge said.

Kharge continued, “The Modi leadership speaks frequently about democracy but doesn’t practise what it preaches.”

The BJP persisted in criticizing the Congress for stirring up a commotion in the House in the meantime. Kiren Rijiju, the Union Minister of Law, stated, “The country is observing what Congress is doing. Congress does not adhere to the law or the Indian Constitution,” news agency ANI stated.

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“On the final day of the Parliament’s budget session in Delhi, opposition lawmakers staged a “Tiranga March” from Parliament to Vijay Chowk,” according to the news agency ANI.

Since the beginning of the Budget Session of Parliament on March 13, opposition parties have cooperated and co-hosted protests.

They have brought up the Adani controversy in both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, causing disruptions in the proceedings as they have been demanding a joint parliamentary committee investigation into the matter.

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, has been called upon to retract his comments about democracy that he made in the United Kingdom.

Gandhi was found guilty and given a prison sentence in a criminal defamation case involving his remark about the “Modi surname” in 2019 by Surat Court. This resulted in Gandhi losing his eligibility to serve in the Lok Sabha.

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