Congress: The PM Has Failed In His Responsibilities After 50 Days Of Manipur Burning

The Congress claims that Manipur has been on fire for 50 days. PM Narendra Modi’s Government has failed its duty by disregarding the violent situation during an emergency. According to Jayram Ramesh, the BJP government in Manipur is “maximum silence, minimum governance.” “How long will Manipur’s current crisis last? For several weeks, years, or decades?” a representative for the Manipur Congress, NB Meitei, questioned. “In Manipur, horrific violence, destruction, and displacement lasted 50 days. The government’s inaction and silence are absurd,” according to Congressman Shashi Tharoor. On Wednesday, Manipur authorities reported sporadic gunfire from two locations.

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After burning for 50 days, Congress says the prime minister crashed in his duties

There were reports of sporadic shootings from Geljang and Singda in the Kangchup region.

PM Narendra Modi has “totally and completely failed”

According to the Congress, Manipur has been on fire for 50 days. PM Narendra Modi has “totally and completely failed” in his responsibility by ignoring the violent state during an emergency.

The BJP-led Manipur government with “maximum silence, minimum governance”

Jairam Ramesh, general secretary of the Congress, also charged the BJP-led Manipur government with “maximum silence, minimum governance.”

In the heat of all the coverage about the Prime Minister’s visit to the United States, “let us remember that today traces the 50th day in a row of Manipur’s discomfort, distress, and agony,” he continued.

“He has collapsed his duty as Prime Minister of India by neglecting Manipur’s condition during the unrest. His conduct towards Manipur is disturbing and incomprehensible,” he declared.

Jairam Ramesh’s Tweet

Ramesh wrote on Twitter, “The Prime Minister who offers ‘gyaan’ on numerous concerns has sadly not said anything on the tragedy that has devastated the state, failed to nominate delegates of political organizations who sought time from him and has given no signal at all that he even worries or is concerned.”

A spokesperson for the Manipur Congress statement

“How far will the current crisis in Manipur last? For several weeks, years, or decades?” asked Ningombam Bupenda Meitei, a spokesperson for the Manipur Congress.

The prime minister has a constitutional obligation to respond to the people, so the residents of Manipur have a right to be heard by him rather than him remaining silent for 50 days, he said.

Congressman Shashi Tharoor’s Statement

“In Manipur, terrible violence, destruction, and shifting lasted 50 days. It is absurd that the government is remaining silent and doing nothing,” Congressman Shashi Tharoor stated.

“During the last 50 days, was anything more important to the country? The maximum governance’ we were all promised is nowhere to be found,” he queried.

Even though India has a robust tech infrastructure and a massive online population, the recent two-month Manipur shutdown has only made things worse for the locals while doing nothing to stop mob violence. The nation holds the record for the most and the lengthiest internet outages worldwide.

Officials reported sporadic gunshots from two areas in Manipur on Wednesday.

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