Dalai Lama Issued Apology After Inappropriate Video With A Boy Goes Viral

After an argument over the “suck his tongue” video, the Dalai Lama apologized to the boy and his family.

After being caught on camera kissing a young child, the Dalai Lama apologized for the incident.

On Sunday, a fictitious short clip of Tibet’s holy man kissing a boy on the lips and asking him to “suck his tongue” provoked controversy.

The Buddhist monk’s official Twitter account expressed regret for the “hurt” his words caused and apologized to the boy in the recent video, his family, and “friends all over the world.” He commonly interacts with other people in a “fun and charming” manner, the statement continued.

“Recently, an online user discussed a recent event when a kid requested a hug from His Righteousness the Dalai Lama.

His Holiness expresses regret for any harm his words may have caused to the boy, his family, and his numerous friends around the globe. His Holiness takes pleasure in making lighthearted fun of new acquaintances, perhaps when facing the public and cameras. He is sorry for what happened,” the statement stated.

In the widely seen pictures, the boy was offering to pay his respect and honor when the Nobel Peace Prize winner stuck out his tongue and asked him to take a sip.

Many internet users referred to the incident as “creepy,” “disgusting,” and “repulsive” as they expressed shock and disapproval. Others seen in the video, who seemed unconcerned by the incident, were also the subject of users’ disturbing behavior.

In Dharamshala, on February 28, the issue seems to have occurred at the Dalai Lama’s temple. He had spoken with about 120 pupils who had completed a scheme for skill development run by the M3M Foundation, the charitable arm of the real estate firm M3M Group.

In March, the foundation posted pictures from the occasion to social media; one of them shows the Dalai Lama hugging the boy from the trending video.

The boy is seen in the widely shared video asking the Dalai Lama if he will let him hug him. When the leader gestures to his cheek and says, “First here,” the boy hugs him and kisses his cheek.

After saying, “I think here, too,” and kissing the boy on the lips, the Dalai Lama releases the boy’s hand while still holding it.

The leader then touches the boy’s forehead with his own before saying, “And suck my tongue,” while sticking out his tongue. The boy sticks out his tongue and then slightly pulls back as some people laugh, just like the Dalai Lama does.

More hugs follow as the spiritual leader continues to encourage the boy to gaze at “good people who produce harmony and joy for guidance.”

In Tibet, greetings sometimes involve sticking one’s tongue out.

After an insurrection against Chinese rule in Tibet in 1959, the Dalai Lama fled the country and has been residing in exile in India ever since.

The Dalai Lama previously sparked controversy in 2019 when he suggested that if a woman were to succeed him, she should be “more appealing.” He later issued an apology for the remarks.

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