Day four box office earnings for The Kerala Story

Day four box office earnings for The Kerala Story: Amidst calls for a ban, the movie earns over 10 crores and approaches the 50 crore mark

The Kerala Story box office collection: The movie has generated over 10 crores in revenue despite calls for a ban. The movie, directed by Sudipto Sen, debuted on May 5.
The Kerala Story, a Vipul Amrutlal Shah production, opened in theatres following the Kerala High Court’s denial of its request for a stay of the film’s release.

The Kerala Story

Amid vocal criticism and calls for a ban, The Kerala Story has made over 10 crores at the domestic box office on day four of release. The Sudipto Sen-directed movie has already made over 45.72 crores and is edging closer to the 50 crore threshold. The movie premiered on May 5. Adah Sharma, Sonia Balani, Yogita Bihani, and Siddhi Idnani play the lead roles in the Vipul Amrutlal Shah-produced movie.

The movie faces backlash

After the trailer was made public, there was a backlash against the movie. The claim that 32,000 girls from Kerala went missing and later joined the terrorist organization ISIS drew criticism from a portion of the population. After that, the creators of The Kerala Story removed the statistic and changed the description of the film to refer to it as the tale of three Keralan women.

A film critic’s Tweet

Taran Adarsh, a film critic, shared a poster for the movie on Twitter on Tuesday. In his message, he said, “#TheKeralaStory crosses the critical ‘Monday Test’ with DISTINCTION MARKS… Fourth day (Monday; working day) ABOVE Day 1 [Fri; holiday]… Will surpass $50 million today, Tuesday… Friday 8.03 cr, Saturday 11.22 cr, Sunday 16.40 cr, and Monday 10.07 cr. Overall: 45.72 crores. #Box office. #India business.”

Crew members of the movie received a threatening message

Mumbai Police reported that a movie crew member recently received a threatening message from an unidentified number.

According to reports, Sudipto updated the authorities that one of his fellow crew members got a call from an unknown caller. Police gave the crew member security, but no FIR has been filed because they haven’t yet gotten a written complaint.

Political uproar towards the movie

Even though the movie is now tax-free in Madhya Pradesh, there is still a political uproar surrounding it. To “maintain peace” and prevent incidents of “hatred and violence” on May 8, the West Bengali government has outlawed the movie.

Response to the ban

In response to the ban, Vipul stated that they would seek legal recourse. Vipul told the news agency ANI, “We will investigate legal options if the state government doesn’t listen to us. However, we will base our decisions on legal counsel in whatever direction we go.”

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