IB officers question Amritpal Singh in the Dibrugarh Central Jail

According to reliable sources, Amritpal Singh, the leader of Waris Punjab De, was interrogated for several hours on Tuesday inside the high-security Dibrugarh Central Jail by Intelligence Bureau (IB) agents.

The Intelligence Bureau interrogates Amritpal Singh

According to sources, a five-person team from the Intelligence Bureau’s Delhi headquarters arrived at the jail at around 9.15 a.m. to question Amritpal. The Waris Punjab De Chief, who was flown to Dibrugarh jail on Sunday, is said to have been questioned for several hours by top internal security and counter-intelligence agencies.

Reason for Interrogation to Amritpal

An Intelligence Bureau team questioned radical Sikh preacher Amritpal Singh at the Assamese prison’s high-security Dibrugarh Central Jail to learn more about him and his potential connections to other countries.

Although sources claim that the questioning lasted for several hours, not much has come of it to date. Today there will be yet another round of questioning. Amritpal Singh may have connections abroad, so the Research and Analysis Wing will also take part in the investigation.

The investigative teams are trying to find out how Pakistan’s ISI introduced Singh to Punjab. According to IB reports, he is an ISI stooge who appeared out of nowhere following the death of the Waris Punjab De’s founder, Deep Sidhu.

The Punjab Police also interrogated the radical Khalistani preacher

Additional sources claim that a team of Punjab Police officers interrogated the radical Khalistani preacher on Tuesday inside the jail.

Notably, since Sunday, a group of Punjab Police officers under the command of Superintendent of Police Amritsar (Rural) Jugraj Singh have been residing at the Dibrugarh Circuit House after accompanying Amritpal to the jail there. Jugraj Singh, a former national hockey player, was one of six Punjab Police officers injured when Amritpal and his supporters attacked the Ajnala Police Station on February 23 to demand the release of Amritpal’s aide, Lovepreet Singh.

Other federal agencies will also interrogate Amritpal in the future

Other federal agencies, including the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and the National Investigation Agency (NIA), are reportedly planning to question the Khalistani leader inside the jail in Dibrugarh.

Amritpal’s close associates were also detained in Dibrugarh Jail

Amritpal is being held in a cell at the Dibrugarh jail, far from his supporters, who are also being held there but in separate quarters. According to sources, Amritpal only receives food from jail staff inside his cell. The jail doctor also conducts routine checks on his health.

Amritpal Singh’s nine close associates have also been imprisoned under the National Security Act: Papalpreet Singh, Daljeet Singh Kalsi, Varinder Singh Johal, Kulwant Singh Dhaliwal, Harjit Singh (Amritpal Singh’s uncle), Gurmeet Singh Bukkanwala, Basant Singh, Bhagwant Singh alias Pradhan Mantri Bajeke, and Gurinder Singh Aujla.

The Dibrugarh Central Jail, the oldest jail in the northeast, was built in 1859 and has a capacity of 680 inmates. The jail currently houses less than 330 prisoners.

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