IB71 Review: Vidyut Jammwal ventures outside his comfort zone

IB71 Review: Vidyut Jammwal ventures outside his comfort zone, only leaving baffled

In this Sankalp Reddy movie, Vidyut Jammwal departs from his action-hero persona and takes on the role of a spy. Indian and Pakistani intelligence services are at war on two fronts.

IB71 Review: Vidyut Jammwal ventures outside his comfort zone

IB71 Review: Vidyut Jammwal ventures outside his comfort zone

Movie review

IB 71

Director of the movie

Sankalp Reddy is the director of the 2023 Hindi-language spy thriller film IB71.

Producer of the movie

Vidyut Jammwal’s first movie as a producer is IB71.

The cast of the movie

In the lead roles of IB71 are Vidyut Jammwal, Niharica Raizada, and Anupam Kher.

Release Date

The movie premiered on May 12, 2023.

First Impression of the movie

The espionage thriller IB 71 tells the story of the top-secret mission that India allegedly carried out to help it win the 1971 India-Pakistan war. The film, which stars Anupam Kher and Vidyut Jammwal, gets off to a promising start before losing direction.

Sankalp Reddy is the director, and for the first half, it seemed like he was trying to lead us along for the ride while posing riddles that we couldn’t figure out. The second half, though, picks up, and things start making sense and fit together like puzzle pieces. Has it come too late or too little? Somewhat.

Plot of the movie

IB 71 opens with Pakistan getting ready for another conflict, this time from the Eastern front and in cooperation with China. Without firing a shot or giving the neighboring country the slightest hint, Intelligence Bureau Chief Avasti (Anupam Kher) and his top agent Dev (Vidyut Jammwal) devise a plan to save the country. The second half of the video shows how Dev completes this task over the following Ten days while working with 30 other undercover agents.

Review of the movie

Although the movie is well-edited and less than two hours long, it loses direction and wanders. Although Reddy tries to tell a previously untold tale, he gets distracted and wanders off course.

Although the plot of Aditya Shastri’s novel is intriguing and has promise, the screenplay appears disjointed and dispersed. The cinematography in some scenes, especially those involving the plane, elevates the experience, even though the background music can occasionally become too loud.

Although the movie is about a delicate subject, there is subtle humor. It is because dialogue by Junaid Wasi and Sahar Quaze makes it tough to control laughter.


Jammwal and Kher both put in respectable performances in their roles as intelligence bureau chief and IB agents, respectively. In his role as brainwashed youth Qasim Qureshi, Vishal Jethwa succeeds in making an impression and eliciting laughter. The plot revolves around the mission rather than the people who carry it out.

Final Verdict

In theatres, see IB 71 to witness another untold story of heroes, rarely spoken or written about in history books. You won’t likely experience an adrenaline rush, but the patriotic climax will give you goosebumps.

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