Joe Biden: Emphasized PM Modi On Importance Of Press Freedom And Human Rights

US President Joe Biden held extensive discussions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi about enhancing the bilateral relationship and thanked Modi for organizing the G20 Summit in New Delhi.

US President held a press conference in Vietnam after leaving India where the president of USA told the press that discussions were held on the lines of G 20 summit in India and he emphasized the role of civil society and freedom of press to Indian PM Narendra Modi.

Interesting to note that there have been reports saying USA and other G 20 member nations wanted to have press conference in India but couldn’t.

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Joe Biden: Press freedom and human rights are now more crucial than ever

In his conversation with PM Modi, Biden said, “As I always do, I brought up the significance of upholding human rights, the critical role that civil society and a free press play in creating a prosperous nation.

Improving the bilateral relationship

In a statement released on Sunday, US President Joe Biden said he had “substantial discussions” with Prime Minister Narendra Modi about enhancing the bilateral relationship. He also thanked Modi for his leadership in organizing the G20 Summit in New Delhi. Joe Biden also discussed the importance of supporting human rights with PM Modi.

“Deepen and diversify” their bilateral defense partnership”

While welcoming progress in India’s purchase of 31 drones and joint development of jet engines, President Biden, who arrived in Delhi on his first visit to India as the US President, held extensive discussions with PM Modi. They pledged to “deepen and diversify” their bilateral major defense partnership.

Biden: “Indian PM Modi and I spoke for a while”

During a press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, Joe Biden stated, “I would like to thank Prime Minister Modi once more for his leadership, hospitality, and hosting of the G20. He and I have lengthy talks about how we’ll keep working to bolster the collaboration between India and the US created on the Prime Minister’s visit to the White House last June.”

Joe Biden’s statement

Both leaders “re-emphasized that our common principles of freedom, democracy, human rights, diversity, plurality, and equal chances for all citizens are crucial to the achievements of both nations and that these ideals strengthen our relationship,” according to the joint statement released on Friday after PM Modi and Biden held bilateral talks.

Additionally, Joe Biden discussed the “major business” he conducted while attending the G20 Summit in India.

“This was an enormous opportunity for the United States to demonstrate its determination and commitment to addressing the problems people are most concerned about. Boosting food security and learning, focusing on the environmental crisis, fostering equitable growth and long-term prosperity, and advancing both global health and health security,” he said.

About the Middle East corridor and Ukraine conflict

Biden also claimed that the corridor linking Israel, the Middle East, and Europe to India will create countless investment opportunities that transform the economy. He asserted that the summit covered the “illegal war in Ukraine” and that there was enough consensus regarding the need for a fair and lasting peace.

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