Karnataka Elections : DK Shivkumar Predicts 141 Seats For Congress

DK Shivakumar predicts that Congress will pick up at least 141 seats in the Karnataka assembly

D K Shivakumar, the head of the Karnataka Congress, expressed his party’s confidence in its ability to win at least 141 seats in the upcoming assembly elections on Saturday.

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Congress will win at least 141 seats

Shivakumar predicted that the Congress would win more than 140 seats, predicting, “We will secure at least 141 constituencies and establish a government with an overwhelming majority. The BJP will lose more than 60 (seats).”

Shivakumar added that he would follow whatever decision the party made regarding the chief ministerial position.

According to Shivakumar in an interview with PTI, the Congress will win with a sizable majority in Karnataka, and the victory will pave the way for the Lok Sabha elections, just as the party’s victory in the state in 1978 had done.

The leadership of the Congress is unified

If Congress takes power, Siddarammaiah and Shivakumar are the two leading candidates for the position of chief minister. Shivakumar claims that all media-created rumors of infighting within the party are untrue.

“The Congress is led by a single voice, and our party’s members are extremely proactive in propagating our points of view both in person and through the internet. We are working together to make sure that a sizable majority returns to the Congress,” he insisted.

The primary objective is to win the election

In response to speculation that he is an excellent candidate for the position of Chief Minister, Shivakumar stated that his primary objective is to make sure that his party wins an overwhelming majority in Karnataka.

“The party comes first for me, and the Chief Ministership comes later.” I will follow the party’s decision regarding the CM,” Shivakumar added.

The victory will pave the way for the Lok Sabha elections
“The Karnataka elections are going well for us, and this will pave the way for the Lok Sabha elections. People from Karnataka will address the nation. Earlier, in 1978, during the tenure of Devraj Urs (former chief minister), when the Janata Party ruled the nation, Karnataka provided a pathway for Congress. The state of Karnataka will once more play a part,” according to Shivakumar.

Shivakumar, who is running from Kanakapura, stated, “We will be forming a government in Karnataka in 2023 and in the nation in 2024.”

Shivakumar criticized BJP Government

When questioned about whether Karnataka was the BJP’s entry point to the south, Shivakumar reacted that due to incompetence, corruption, and the elevated rate of unemployment in the state, the residents had “shut the door on the BJP’s face.”

“The BJP Government was unable to help our youth find employment. In terms of inflation and price increases, they were unable to offer the common man any relief. They are currently attempting to polarise society through divisive speeches,” he claimed.

Additionally, he asserted that the “Modi factor” won’t be effective this time around in the assembly elections because the BJP has no plans or vision for Karnataka.

The Congress leader claimed that they lack knowledge of Karnataka or its residents.

He stated that Karnataka was just the start of a note that would be delivered through the general election polls in 2024.

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