Karnataka Launches Congress Program with “All 5 Guarantees This Year”

Karnataka CM Siddaramiah Has Announced The Roll Out Of 5 Guarantees This Year

The ‘guarantees’ are said to have resonated with voters in the May 10 Assembly elections, especially with women, and were a main factor in the party’s overwhelming victory.

In Karnataka, Congress approved the five “guarantees.”

In addition to providing clarifications, outlining the terms, and setting deadlines, the Karnataka government today approved the five “guarantees” made by Congress earlier to the just concluded Assembly elections.

“Today, we had an administration meeting. We had a long conversation about all five promises. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah announced today that the five guarantees would all be put into effect during the current fiscal year.

Gruha Jyoti Scheme

The annual household consumption will determine the free electricity program’s (Gruha Jyoti) eligibility. If the final figure is less than 200 units, a monthly average will be calculated, an extra 10% will be added, and no one will be required to pay the electricity bill. This will begin on July 1st. “200 free electricity units will be given out… People who haven’t settled their bills by July will be required to do so,” according to Siddaramaiah.

Gruha Lakshmi Scheme

Bank accounts will require to be connected to Aadhaar for Gruha Lakshmi, which provides 2,000 in monthly assistance to the female head of each family, to work. The verification process will start on June 15 and end on July 15; however, payments won’t start until August 15 due to technical issues with Aadhaar linking and identifying the family head. Both holders of Antyodaya cards and those living below the poverty line (BPL) are eligible for this initiative. Those who already receive social security pensions will receive this additional 2,000 if she is the family’s head.

Anna Bhagya Scheme

Every BPL household member will receive an assured 10 kg of rice for free, according to Anna Bhagya. “We gave 7 kg (during the earlier administration), but the BJP reduced it to 5 kg. All members of BPL families will now receive 10 kg of rice per head, he said. The start of this is July 1.

Uchita Prayana Guarantee Scheme

The Chief Minister announced that beginning on June 11 all state-run buses will be free for women to ride as part of the Uchita Prayana guarantee. Women passengers, however, are only permitted to travel within Karnataka, not between states. Additionally, AC- and luxury buses are not included in the program. For men and women, respectively, the Karnataka State Transport Corporation (KSRTC) will secure 50% of the seats.

The Yuva Nidhi Guarantee Scheme

The Yuva Nidhi guarantee provides 3,000 per month for 24 months to young people who are unemployed six months after receiving their degree. This also applies to transgender individuals. Unemployed diploma holders will receive 1,500 per month for the same period. The payment would stop if they managed to secure employment in the interim, Siddaramiah said.

It could cost up to 50,000 crores per year to implement the five ‘guarantees’ that Congress announced. Important party figures who addressed the cost of the welfare measures insisted that they could not be referred to as “freebies” because they were empowerment tools.

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