Musk changed Twitter’s name to “X” has been replaced with the new X logo, signaling the site’s transformation into X. The new X logo, created by Elon Musk, will likely take precedence over the bird logo in mobile versions. CEO Linda Yaccarino stated that X is a futuristic state of limitless interaction, focusing on video, audio, conversations, payments/banking, and creating a worldwide market for opinions, products, services, and prospects.

Musk has been outspoken about his desire to transform Twitter into a super-app similar to WeChat in China, which would do almost all online activities. They chose the letter X due to Musk’s long-standing obsession with the letter.

The little blue bird vanishes after Musk renamed Twitter to “X”

According to CEO Linda Yaccarino, the rebranding is just one step in Twitter’s ongoing transformation into an “everything” app. Twitter is a social network for highly connected individuals. is now

The application formerly known as Twitter recently announced a name change, which created a stir online. is now the default destination for, despite the social media site still requesting users to “tweet.”

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Twitter replaces the Bird logo with X

Twitter’s previous bird logo has been officially replaced with the new X logo, signaling the site’s transformation into X. Elon Musk, the creator of the newly revamped social networking platform, first tweeted about the shift promptly on Sunday morning, writing, “And promptly we will wave good-bye to the Twitter label and, over time, all the birds.”

Now that X has replaced the Twitter logo on the web version, Musk’s “everything app” that he had initially imagined soon after buying Twitter for $44 billion in November has changed. After the apps are updated, the X logo will probably take precedence over the bird logo in the mobile versions. The primary web login prompt does, however, still make mentions of Twitter.

CEO Linda Yaccarino’s remark

“X is a progressive scenario with inexhaustible communication — centering in visual content, verbal content, and interactions, banking — developing an international marketplace for thoughts, items, services, and prospects,” CEO Linda Yaccarino proclaimed on the platform. “X will connect us in ways we’re just beginning to imagine, fueled by AI.”

What is the app going to do next?

Musk has been outspoken about his desire to transform Twitter into a so-called super-app. It will be comparable to WeChat in China. There isn’t an American equivalent, but experts envision an app that would do almost all online activities.

Why is the letter X there?

Musk named his first startup, suggesting that he has had a long-standing obsession with the letter X. (After a merger, the app changed its name to PayPal, but according to biographer Walter Isaacson, Musk pulled for it to retain the X- letter.) Musk allegedly texted Isaacson after purchasing Twitter to express his excitement over “finally adopting as it must have been complete, using Twitter as an accelerant!”

Musk invited people to propose logos

Musk asked people to submit logos, saying, “If an excellently suitable X logo appears tonight, it’ll be accessible globally tomorrow.” He then pinned a tweet with a video by user Sawyer Merritt and modified his account picture to the new X logo.

It appears that the X logo originated after a glyph from Special Alphabets 4. Musk did say that the new X logo is “interim” and can alter in the future.

The social media company staff announced the change via an email that concluded with the phrase, “This will be the final Musk email that originates from the domain.”

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