No Relief For Rahul Gandhi In Defamation Case

In the recent development related to Rahul Gandhi’s defamation case in Modi surname remarks from a 2019 political rally Surat court has rejected the congress leader’s application for stay on the 2 years imprisonment order from a lower court.

Rahul Gandhi lost his membership from the parliament after a lower court convicted him in a defamation case for calling Modi surname as thieves during 2019 election campaigning.

It is to be noted that the judge who rejected Mr Gandhi’s application for stay on the order is reportedly the lawyer who represented Amit Shah in the past.

So, as of now, it is not possible for Rahul Gandhi to be reinstated as a Member of Parliament. He had appealed against a court’s decision that sentenced him to two years in prison, and had requested that his conviction be put on hold until the appeal was heard. However, the trial court in Surat rejected his request, stating that he had not shown that he would suffer irreversible and irrevocable harm if his conviction was not stayed, and that the lower court’s decision had not been influenced by his status as an MP.

The judge cited the Supreme Court, which cautioned against exercising decisions to pause a conviction in a careless and mechanical manner, as this could undermine public trust in the judiciary. Rahul Gandhi, aged 52, was sentenced to two years in prison by a court in Gujarat on March 23 for comments made during the 2019 Lok Sabha campaign. He was granted bail for 30 days to appeal the verdict. Mr. Gandhi’s parliamentary constituency, Wayanad in Kerala, is currently vacant and awaiting by-elections. If the court had suspended his conviction, it would have been possible for Mr. Gandhi to be reinstated as an MP.

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