On minority rights, Barack Obama warns that India could “pull apart”

Former US President Obama cautioned that if religious and ethnic minorities rights are not respected, India will be “ripping away.” He emphasized that these issues needed to be “honestly” discussed with Prime Minister Modi by the Joe Biden administration. If the [US] President meets Prime Minister Modi, it is crucial to consider the security of the Muslim minority in India, which has a Hindu majority. Obama responded to a query posed by Ms. Amanpour in an interview. Furthermore, Obama noted that “during his official visit, he voiced worries regarding communal peace in India.”

Over the issue of minority rights, Barack Obama claims India could “pull apart”

Mr. Obama said, “Prosperity is contingent on cooperation across religious and racial divides.” Since he was president, he has been raising the issue’s awareness.

Joe Biden’s Administration must address concerns with PM Modi

Former US President Obama warned that if religious and racial minorities’ rights are not respected, India will be “tearing out.” Mr. Obama stressed that the government of Joe Biden must address these concerns “honestly” with Prime Minister Modi in a conversation with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, where he conveyed worries about the liberties of weaker groups in Indian society.

Mr. Obama’s Comment

As one of President Biden’s most ardent supporters within the Democratic Party, Mr. Obama said, “The security of the Muslim minority in India, which has a Hindu majority, is noteworthy if the [US] President encounters Prime Minister Modi. If I discussed with Prime Minister Modi, who I know well, one of my arguments would be that if you neglect the liberties of ethnic minorities in India, there is a good chance that India would eventually start falling apart.”

“We have observed what occurs when those significant internal conflicts begin. As a result, this would be detrimental to the interests of both Muslim and Hindu India. I believe it is crucial to discuss these issues openly,” said Mr. Obama.

Obama’s comment came in response to a question from Ms. Amanpour

The comments came in response to a question from Ms. Amanpour regarding President Biden’s stance on the defense of democratic government in the world.

“You know President Biden very well, and he has made defending democracy the foundation of his presidency. He has referred to the Chinese president as a dictator and continues to do so. The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, known as a tyrant or an intolerant democrat, is also being hosted by him currently. How should a President approach these leaders, whether naming or handling them?” Ms. Amanpour had posed the question.

What did Barack Obama mention in his speech?

During his official visit, Mr. Obama voiced concerns about communal peace in India. He mentioned in an address he gave on January 27, 2015, at Siri Fort Auditorium, that “integrity” was crucial to India’s economic success and that “the harmony we want in the world starts in human affection. And no country is more vital for that than India. There will never be a time when upholding that fundamental principle is more important than now. India will be successful as it remains united as a single nation and does not divide along religious or any other lines.”

Mr. Modi hosted President Obama in Delhi in January 2015 when the US President served as the “Chief Guest” at the Republic Day celebrations. Obama hosted PM Modi once in September 2014 and twice in 2016.

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