PM must speak out about accusations made by Satya Pal Malik: Congress

The Prime Minister was accountable to the families of the Pulwama attack martyrs for serious allegations of government negligence, according to party national spokesperson Supriya Shrinate.

Congress asked the PM to respond to Malik’s accusations

In response to allegations made by the former governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Satya Pal Malik, that the Union government’s negligence contributed to the alleged deaths of 40 members of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in the Pulwama terror attack in 2019, Supriya Shrinate, the national spokesperson for Congress, said on Saturday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi must speak out.

Supriya Shrinate’s statement

Speaking to the media at the location, she asserted that Mr. Modi, the union government, and the BJP had a responsibility to the families of the Pulwama attack martyrs, who were wondering whether their loved ones would still be alive if the government hadn’t been “apathetic and negligent.”

She stated that the BJP and the Union government had prominently stopped speaking after Mr. Malik’s allegations were made public two weeks ago. She claimed that Mr. Malik was not an ordinary person and that, at the time of the Pulwama attack, he was in charge of Jammu and Kashmir’s highest constitutional office. He also had Mr. Modi’s complete confidence and had previously held the governorships of Goa, Bihar, and Meghalaya.

Questioning the silence of the center

She cited Mr. Malik’s accusations and questioned why, rather than approving the transportation of many personnel by road, the union government had declined to provide the requested aircraft and had instead disregarded intelligence warnings about potential terrorist attacks.

Mr. Malik claims that the Prime Minister told him to “shut up” after he claimed that the government’s carelessness was what caused the loss of 40 lives.

Ms. Shrinate expressed dissatisfaction with the national media, particularly television networks, saying that they had failed to address the issue. This was in sharp contrast to the time when these channels waited in line to interview former Congressman Ghulam Nabi Azad after he made “baseless allegations” against Rahul Gandhi, she continued.

Mr. Malik’s Accusation in an Interview

The Wire conducted an hour-long interview with Mr. Malik, who presided as the governor of J&K during the Pulwama terror attack and the lifting of the special status granted by Article 370. Mr. Malik made many explosive statements in the interview. He also claimed that Mr. Modi was “ill-informed” about J&K.

The former governor added that even NSA Ajit Doval had advised him to keep quiet about the Pulwama attack, which he claimed was used for political gain.

Mr. Malik stated in the interview that the Prime Minister was “not especially resistant to corruption” and did not take action against the Goa government when he was brought to it while Mr. Malik was the Governor of the State before his transfer to Meghalaya.

He also claimed that while he was governor, his appointment with President Droupadi Murmu was abruptly postponed and that the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) determined Rashtrapati Bhavan’s list of appointments.

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