Putin’s Note to the West: “Efforts To Shift India…”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized the West’s attempts to divide Moscow and New Delhi, stating that India’s government functions independently. Putin praised India’s growing power under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and claimed that India has no territorial limits like Russia. His remarks arrive as Indian refiners encounter condemnation for purchasing Russian oil at lowered prices after the West executed restrictions on the country. Putin chose not to attend the G20 Summit in New Delhi and the BRICS meeting in South Africa, stating he didn’t want to create a “political show” by participating in the meetings.

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Warning from Russian President Vladimir Putin to the West: “Efforts To Turn India…”

With a population of over 1.5 billion and an economic growth rate above 7%, India is a powerful, formidable country. Under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, it is also becoming ever more powerful, according to Putin.

Putin: The Indian administration functions independently

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, any attempts by the West to fracture ties between Moscow and New Delhi are fruitless because the Indian government functions independently in favor of its citizens.

Vladimir Putin’s statement

At the opening address in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi, Putin said, “The West is seeking to develop a rival out of everybody who disagrees with their monopoly; everyone is at threat – even India, but the Indian leadership acts irrespective in the interests of its society.” “India is a self-governing nation, so efforts to keep it away from Russia are useless,” he continued.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

His comments come as Indian refiners face condemnation for buying Russian oil at reduced prices after the West enforced restrictions on the country. As a result of the Russian bombardment of Ukraine in February of last year, the US and the EU stopped importing oil from that country. Since beginning a full-scale offensive against Ukraine in February 2022, Putin has hardly left Russia.

Putin: India is getting more powerful

Putin lavished applause on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, claiming that India is getting greater in strength under his guidance. “India is an influential, formidable nation with a population of over 1.5 billion and an economic growth rate of over 7%. And it is getting ever more powerful under Prime Minister Modi’s direction,” said Putin.

Additionally, he claimed that India has no territorial limits like Russia does because Indians are establishing themselves in almost every region of the world.

Putin didn’t want to stage a “political show”

He recently chose not to attend the G20 Summit in New Delhi and the BRICS meeting in South Africa. Putin explained his absence, stating he did not want to create a “political show” by attending the meetings. “Why should I cause our companions some issues during an event?” said Putin.

Because of Vladimir Putin’s choice of deploying forces to Ukraine last year and the forcible relocation of children to Russia, the ICC announced a summons for him in March. The arrest warrant has been deemed “illegal” by Moscow.

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