Rahul Gandhi speaks about Manipur Violence in Mizoram

Congressman Rahul Gandhi has criticized the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for “destroying the vision of Manipur” during a campaign rally in Mizoram. He claimed that the BJP eliminated the concept of Manipur, making it two states instead of one. The violence in Manipur began on May 3 in Churachandpur town, resulting in racial tensions, over 50,000 displaced residents, and at least 175 fatalities.

Gandhi also criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for being more concerned with Israel than Manipur. Gandhi visited Aizawl to launch his party’s campaign before the state’s upcoming elections. He led a large ‘padyatra’ (foot march) from the city’s Chanmari neighborhood to Treasury Square, receiving a warm reception from Congress backers and the general public.

Rahul Gandhi speaks out about violence from Manipur

According to Rahul Gandhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems more concerned about events in Israel than Manipur.

Gandhi brought up the Manipur violence issue in a rally in Mizoram

During a campaign rally in Mizoram on Monday, Congressman Rahul Gandhi brought up the violence in Manipur. He declared that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was “demolishing the vision of Manipur.”

Rahul Gandhi: “The BJP eliminated the concept of Manipur”

“I visited Manipur a couple of months ago. The BJP destroyed the idea of Manipur. It is now two states instead of one,” he claimed. “individuals got killed, women suffer assaults, and kids murdered, but the PM fails to consider it crucial to get there…”

Beginning of the current violence in the Manipur

After tribal organizations organized demonstrations against a suggested modification to the state’s reservation matrix that had considered the Meitei community’s scheduled tribe (ST) status, clashing in Manipur first started on May 3 in Churachandpur town.

Outcome of the Manipur violence

Where there were significant racial tensions in the state, the violence quickly spread. Since then, the state experienced over 50,000 displaced residents and at least 175 fatalities. Numerous businesses closed down, studies got impacted, houses of worship collapsed to cinders, and the state went months without internet service.

PM is more concerned about Israel

During his speech on Monday, Gandhi said Prime Minister Narendra Modi seemed more concerned with what is occurring in Israel than in Manipur.

Rahul Gandhi’s trip to Mizoram

Gandhi came to Aizawl on Monday to launch his party’s campaign before the state’s upcoming elections. He reportedly led a sizable ‘padyatra’ (foot march) from the city’s Chanmari neighborhood to Treasury Square, where he received a warm reception from an audience of Congress backers and members of the general public. He will also have an hour-long conversation with students later today.

Gandhi’s trip is the first by a prominent Congress leader since the northeastern state’s November 7 assembly elections became public last week. The party also plans to present its initial slate of contenders for the 40-seat assembly election.

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