Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2023 : Congress Manifesto Released With 7 Guarantees

On November 21, the Congress unveiled its manifesto for the upcoming Rajasthan Assembly elections at the party’s state headquarters in Jaipur. Present at the release of the Jan Ghoshna Patra were Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, Rajasthan party in-charge Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, State President Govind Singh Dotasra, Manifesto Committee Chairman CP Joshi, and former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot. Emphasizing Rajasthan’s historical support for the Congress, Kharge stated, “We have consistently made promises that we could fulfill.”

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According to the Swaminathan Commission report, the party pledged an interest-free loan of Rs 2 lakh to farmers, along with the implementation of the MSP as per the same report. Additionally, the Congress committed to introducing a new recruitment scheme at the panchayat level and conducting a caste census.

The Congress Government In Rajasthan Is Counting On Welfare Governance and Social Security Schemes

In anticipation of the November 25 polls, Chief Minister Gehlot, striving for re-election, had earlier outlined seven “guarantees” to the state’s residents. Expressing the party’s commitment, he highlighted, “If our Congress president is launching the manifesto, then you can see how much importance we are giving to it… Last time too, after winning the elections, we kept the manifesto in the first cabinet meeting and approved it… This is our way of working…”

The 7 Guarantees From Congress Party Manifesto

The Congress has lined up “seven guarantees” to attract voters. These are:

– Annual honorarium of Rs 10,000 to women head of family

– LPG cylinders for Rs 500 to 1.05 crore families

– Purchase of dung for Rs 2 per kg

– Law for old pension scheme for government employees

– Laptop or tablet to students taking admission in government colleges

– Insurance cover up to Rs 15 lakh per family to compensate losses due to natural calamity

– School education in English medium.

Congress Manifesto Released With 7 Guarantees

Congress Manifesto Released With 7 Guarantees

The Congress presented “seven guarantees” to entice voters, including a Rs 10,000 annual honorarium for women heads of families, LPG cylinders priced at Rs 500 for 1.05 crore families, dung purchase at Rs 2 per kg, reinstating the old pension scheme for government employees, providing laptops or tablets to students enrolling in government colleges, offering insurance coverage up to Rs 15 lakh per family for losses due to natural calamities, and introducing school education in English medium.

BJP’s Manifesto For Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2023

Meanwhile, the BJP released its election manifesto with a focus on improving prospects for farmers, youth, and women. The party pledged to establish a special investigation team (SIT) to probe alleged scams under the current Congress government, transform the state into a $350-billion economy, and implement various women-centric and welfare schemes.

The Rajasthan Legislative Assembly elections for the 200-member assembly will be conducted in a single phase on November 25, with the vote count scheduled for December 3.

Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2023

The Rajasthan Assembly elections, scheduled for November 25, have become a focal point of political discourse as the state witnesses a dynamic contest between the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Rajasthan, historically known as a Congress stronghold, is witnessing an intense battle for political supremacy.

The Congress, under the leadership of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, is seeking a renewed mandate by presenting an ambitious manifesto that addresses key issues ranging from agriculture to education. The emphasis on farmer-centric policies, as outlined in the Swaminathan Commission report, is a strategic move to connect with the agrarian community, a significant voter base in the state. Additionally, the party’s guarantees, such as providing laptops or tablets to students and introducing English medium education in schools, reflect an effort to appeal to the youth and urban population. Congress government’s flagship healthcare schemes like RGHS for govt employees and Chiranjivi Health Insurance to the entire state are the main focus point of the campaign.

On the other hand, the BJP, led by its state leadership, has positioned itself as a proponent of economic growth and good governance. The party’s manifesto underscores promises to form a special investigation team to probe alleged scams, transform the state into a $350-billion economy, and implement schemes targeting women’s welfare and empowerment.

BJP Fielding Member Of Parliament Shows How Important Is This Election

The electoral landscape in Rajasthan is also witnessing the emergence of new political players with the likes of member of parliament Diya Kumari, Rajyavardhan Rathore, and Kirori LaL Meena of BJP who have been fielded for the assembly elections in the state, adding further complexity to the race. As voters prepare to cast their ballots, the outcome of these elections is anticipated to shape the political trajectory of the state, influencing policy decisions and governance for the foreseeable future.

The campaigning leading up to the elections has been marked by spirited rallies, public addresses, and social media outreach, reflecting the evolving dynamics of political communication. The electorate is actively engaging with candidates’ promises and manifestos, indicating a heightened sense of awareness and participation.

Results On 3rd December

The state’s 200-member Legislative Assembly will play a crucial role in determining the composition of the government, and the results are poised to have broader implications at the national level. As the political landscape continues to evolve, the Rajasthan Assembly elections have become a microcosm of the larger political narrative in India, with both major parties vying for the trust and mandate of the people. The outcome on December 3, when the votes will be counted, will unveil the verdict of the electorate and set the course for Rajasthan’s political future.

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