Rema’s Kasa Kai Mumbai wins the hearts of Mumbaikars

Nigerian singer Rema aka ‘Divine Ikubor,’ took the stage to begin his live performance in Mumbai on Saturday night as part of his ongoing India tour with the Indian flag in hand and a “Kasa Kai Mumbai.”

Rema entered with the Indian flag

Nigerian singer Rema aka Divine Ikubor, who is currently on a tour of India, entered the stage with the Indian flag in his hand and sang “Kasa Kai Mumbai” as he took the floor on Saturday night. He opened the eagerly anticipated concert at Worli’s NSCI SVP Stadium’s DOME with his hit melody, Are you there?

Rema’s performance was electrifying

Even though the concert suffered a delay, Rema’s performance proved electrifying, featuring pyrotechnic displays, a larger-than-life teddy bear dancing to his rhythms, an artistically decorated auto-rickshaw on stage, and an enthusiastic crowd. The 23-year-old took the stage and urged the audience to enjoy “Rema’s party” during the 70-minute performance and “to rave hard for spending their hard-earned cash to be here.”

He performed many of his hit singles, including Divine, Corny, Soundgasm, Bounce, Dumebi, Woman, Oroma Baby, and Dirty, to keep Mumbai residents dancing. He acknowledged his African supporters while draped in the Nigerian flag.

Memorable moments of the show

He fell once while ascending the stairs to the stage, but as soon as he took off his shirt and began tossing it to his fans, the crowd went into a frenzy.

He also addressed the Mumbai audience as the Dubai audience and begged his devoted followers for their forgiveness.

“Looking out for a girlfriend before leaving Mumbai”

There were a few memorable incidents and mistakes that were worth mentioning while performing for the first time in the city and the second show in the nation. To make the performance more interactive, the 23-year-old announced to the crowd that he is “looking out for a girlfriend before leaving Mumbai” and looked through the audience to see if anyone met the criteria.

Danced with Norah Fatehi

Actress Nora Fatehi later joined the Nigerian singer, and the two danced together on the song Naach Meri Raani.

Rema's Kasa Kai Mumbai wins the hearts of Mumbaikars

Rema’s Kasa Kai Mumbai wins the hearts of Mumbaikars

He was overwhelmed with the love of Mumbaikars

He appeared to be overwhelmed and in awe of the passion and love Mumbaikars had for him as he paused to look at the crowd assembled for him in the audience. He teased the audience for a while before he performed his record-breaking song Calm Down on stage, to the chants of “Calm down” from the audience from the beginning of the performance.

On Friday night, the singer gave a performance in Delhi, which was also well-attended.

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