Rinku Singh’s 5 Sixes On Last 5 Balls Drives KKR To Victory

Big Victory of KKR in IPL 2023 against Defending Champion GT

Rinku Singh Creates Story By Hitting 5 Sixes Of Last 5 Balls

Rinku Singh Creates Story By Hitting 5 Sixes Of Last 5 Balls

“I had faith in myself,” says Rinku Singh of the KKR: GT vs KKR In an astonishing victory for KKR, Rinku Singh hits five sixes off the last five balls.

Rinku Singh, a batter for Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League (IPL), said after his game-winning show against Gujarat Titans that he had confidence in his ability to win the match and that he was only reacting to the ball while hitting.

The player of the match, Rinku Singh, praised his captain Nitish Rana for believing in him and encouraging him to continue to bat regardless of the outcome of the game.

Against the defending champion Gujarat Titans on Sunday, the 25-year-old batsman from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, smashed 48 off 21 balls to help Kolkata Knight Riders win by three wickets.

“I genuinely thought I could pull this off. Rana bhai told me to keep believing and bat until the end, afterward we’ll what takes place,” said Singh, who has represented Uttar Pradesh in every age group.

Singh said of the final over, “I was just attempting to hit sixes. I was instructed by (Umesh) Bhaiya to play the ball without thinking too much. I was merely responding to the ball. It continued to emerge from the center. I was confident, and it worked out in the end.

Venkatesh Iyer, another player who made an immediate impact with his intense innings, also pointed out Singh for admiration.

“Lord Rinku’s performance in this match will be recognized. By the time we had two overs left, everyone had ruled us off. I do realize that it won’t happen frequently, though, for someone to recover from that and win. But this is a game that we will admire for an exceptionally long time,” Iyer said.

When questioned about the atmosphere in the dugout following Rashid Khan’s hat trick, Iyer responded, “Everyone declared us out after Khan’s hat trick. I genuinely believed we couldn’t win from this position.

Although Rinku was present, it was challenging to score 45 or so runs from three overs with little batting. I didn’t think it would happen. The final over would be bowled by Yash, as we all knew. It wasn’t his evening. We were confident we could prevail when the second six occurred. These opportunities are always bestowed by God on those with pure hearts. Everyone enjoys Rinku’s company. I am eternally thankful to the Creator for providing him with this chance.

Singh has 1,392 runs and a 139.75 strike rate in 78 T20 games.

With this victory, KKR has risen to second place in the standings after their previous three games saw them win two and lose one. Totaling four points, they have. While KKR and GT both have similar win-loss records, KKR is in a better position because of its superior net-run rate. GT has dropped to fourth place.

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