Where Global Leaders Are Staying During the G-20 Summit in Delhi

The G-20 Summit in New Delhi will discuss global issues, including the Ukraine conflict, and address the geopolitical rift. Key figures attending include Joe Biden, Rishi Sunak, Justin Trudeau, and China’s delegation. Biden will stay at the ITC Maurya and meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on clean energy and climate change.

Sunak will stay at the Shangri La, while Trudeau will visit Indonesia for the ASEAN summit before coming to India. China’s Premier Li Qiang will lead the Chinese delegation, with the Taj Hotel in Delhi as their home base. Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will visit India on a three-nation tour.

Places in Delhi Where Global Leaders Are Staying During the G-20 Summit

This year’s group leader, India, has gone all out, using drones to fly around the capital and paint artwork on underpasses.

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G-20 Summit

In New Delhi, administrators from the Union of 20 (G-20) leading nations will gather to find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues amid a significant geopolitical rift over the conflict in Ukraine that threatens advancement on several international fronts.

Accommodations where Global leaders are staying during G-20 Summit

The key figures attending the G-20 Summit in New Delhi appear here, along with the accommodations they will be staying in.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, will land in New Delhi and stay at the ITC Maurya. On Friday, he will meet in person with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss the transition to clean energy and climate change.

Rishi Sunak

During his first official visit to India as the Prime Minister of Britain, Rishi Sunak will participate in the G-20 Summit. He’ll occupy a room at the Shangri La. The 43-year-old applauded PM Modi’s governance and claimed that India was the “right country at the right time” before the summit.

Justin Trudeau

Before showing up in New Delhi for the G-20 Summit on Saturday and Sunday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will visit Indonesia to participate in the ASEAN summit. He’ll be residing in the capital at The Lalit Hotel.

China delegation

The fact that Premier Li Qiang will lead the Chinese delegation suggests President Xi Jinping won’t be there, effectively ruling out the possibility of a meeting with Biden. Since the first G-20 summit, which took place in 2008, this will be the first time a Chinese president remains absent; however, Xi attended virtually in 2020 and 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Taj Hotel in Delhi will serve as the delegation’s home base.

Anthony Albanese

Anthony Albanese, the prime minister of Australia, will travel to India as part of a three-nation tour that will also take him to Indonesia and the Philippines. He will be residing at the Imperial Hotel during the G20 Summit.

This year, India, leading the group, went all out, using drones to survey the nation’s capital, artwork, and massive langur cutouts to scare away monkeys.

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