Wrestlers Protest: Police Gets Audio Video Proof

In the latest update coming in from wrestlers protest, Brijbhushan Sharan Singh, the former WFI president, is expected to face charges soon. Four wrestlers furnish the police with evidence against the former WFI chief. Some of India’s most renowned athletes, including Olympic and commonwealth medalists have protested against Singh accusing him of sexual molestation, and the police are preparing to file charges against him.

Police Gets Audio Video Proof Against Brijbhushan Singh

Police Gets Audio Video Proof Against Brijbhushan Singh

Police Gets Audio Video Proof Against Brijbhushan Singh As Submitted By Wrestlers

Investigating agencies are attempting to obtain the smallest amount of evidence possible from suspects and victims. The Delhi Police’s behavior is really concerning. Police did not file an FIR until the Supreme Court ordered them to. The Delhi Police paid a visit to the WFI office with one of the complainants to replicate the occurrences, causing “mental trauma” for the complainant.

Police have received audio and visual proof from four wrestlers against the Ex-WFI president

Reportedly 4 athletes have submitted audio video proof against Brijbhushan Sharan Singh.

Four Wrestlers provides evidence Against Ex-WFI Chief to Police

Four out of the six female sportspersons who charged Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) Chief and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh of sexual harassment have offered audio and visual proof to support their claims, the police said on Sunday.

Some of India’s most accomplished athletes, including Olympic medalists and world champions, have been protesting against Singh, and the police are getting ready to submit a complaint against him. However, they have halted the protests until June 15 in response to the government’s request for more time to file a chargesheet.

Senior Delhi Police Officer’s Remark On Wrestlers Protest

According to a senior Delhi Police officer familiar with the situation, the special investigation team (SIT) looking into the case sent separate notifications to the six complainants on June 5 under Section 91 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC).

“Investigating agencies bear the burden of proof in such circumstances. And for that, we are attempting to acquire the smallest amount of proof available in the custody of both the suspect and the victims. In this case, we gave the complainants 24 hours to provide all the evidence they possessed. But so far, only four of them have been able to provide us with documentary, audio, or video evidence,” he said, declining to be identified.

On May 12, the Delhi Police informed a local court about the SIT. When asked why they gave the complainants only a day’s notice to submit evidence on June 5, the police declined to comment.

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The Delhi Police’s behavior raises serious concerns

The Delhi Police’s behavior raises serious concerns. Due process is vital, and the nature of the charges against Singh, with his position of power, make for a challenging mix that will need police and prosecutors to go above and beyond to establish they are operating independently of political interference. It already raises the question regarding the reliability of the investigation and the fact that the police held off on filing a first information report (FIR) until the SC ordered them to do so.

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Former DGP of Uttar Pradesh’s Remarks On Wrestlers Protest

However, several retired police officers feel that the way the investigation is going is suspicious and wrestlers protest is being suppressed. “First, the police should have taken the initiative in these situations, but they haven’t done so yet. Without the Supreme Court’s involvement, the FIR would not have been filed, which was against all logic. “The less said about the way Delhi Police is handling this investigation, the better,” remarked Vikram Singh, erstwhile DGP of Uttar Pradesh.

“This inquiry is fairly straightforward. The FIR comes first, then the victim’s, the survivor’s, or the prosecutor’s statement is recorded and corroborated by the evidence and other materials discovered during the investigation. That concludes the investigation. However, nothing like this has occurred in this case,” Singh explained.

On Friday, a team from the Delhi Police went to the WFI office with one of the complainants to reenact the incidents while Singh was at home on the same property. Bajrang Punia, a key figure participating in the movement, stated that the complaint experienced “mental trauma” following the visit.

Meta Description: Four out of the six wrestlers who have made accusations against former WFI president Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh have given police audio and video evidence.

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