Huge Lead for The BJP in Nagaland & Interesting Performance in Tripura, Meghalaya

Huge Lead for The BJP in Nagaland & It shows an Interesting Performance in Tripura and Meghalaya.

Election Results 2023: Tripura, Nagaland & Meghalaya

Finally, the wait is over! As today is the vote-counting day.

The excitement of every political party that contests this election is overwhelming.

The startling trends of the election are out now. It brings smiles to some faces and disappointment to others. From the perspective of the BJP, these election results seem satisfactory as they are winning in the state of Nagaland while they have close competition in Tripura with its rivalries. In Meghalaya, the NPP led by Conrad Sangma is in the lead.

Recent Trends in Nagaland
This is an exciting trend for the BJP in Nagaland with a fully-fledged majority in the early phase of counting. According to recent reports, the BJP and its allies NDPP grabbed 39 seats out of 60 in the latest assembly polls in Nagaland. Whereas the INC bags only 1 seat and NPF seems to get 3 seats in the early phases of counting. You can see 17 seats going to the others.

Recent Trends of Tripura
In recent trends, the BJP and its allies are getting a lead over its main rivalry, INC –Left alliance. The trends show that the BJP + is already touching the mark of 30 in Tripura. Recent results show the BJP and its allies are getting 34 seats while its main rival INC and its Left allies are at 15.
TIPRA, formed by royal Pradyot Manikya Debbarma, is leading on 11 seats according to the latest trends.

Recent Trends in Meghalaya
In an interesting contest, the ruling party NPP grabs 26 seats and leads in the tally of the assembly election of Meghalaya. While the INC and UPD are leading over 4 and 9 seats respectively. The BJP is likely to grab 5 seats according to recent trends.

Finally, the recent trends are very exciting for BJP, and they expect to rule over the states of Nagaland and get a close fight in Tripura while NPP is likely to retain their power in Meghalaya.

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