New Governors Appointed to 13 States

The Indian President Draupadi Murmu has appointed six new Governors of various states and transferred five. While Ladakh has been protesting to expand the sixth schedule of the Constitution of India, President Murmu has already decided to appoint the new Governor of Ladakh.
Among all the Governors, former Supreme Court Justice S. Abdula Nazeer is one to get appointed as one of the Governors soon to be in charge of the state of India. President Murmu’s this announcement on Sunday has invited a lot of surprises and, of course, not to mention, some protests.
The President has also accepted the resignation of the Maharashtra Governor, Bhagat Singh Koshyari and the Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, R.K. Mathur, in the gubernatorial reshuffle.
After President Murmu accepted the resignations, the new Governors were appointed. According to the report from the President’s office, the appointed Governors will start their duty as soon as they start holding their office.

The Appointment of Justice S. Abdula Nazeer

The former Supreme Court Justice S. Abdula Nazeer has been appointed as the new Governor of Andhra Pradesh. In contrast, the current Governor of Andhra Biswa, Bhushan Harichandan, has been moved to Chhattisgarh to fulfill his duty as the Governor.

Justice S. Abdula Nazeer Was previously part of the five-judge bench of the Ayodhya Verdict. He has also been a strong pillar in backing the Government regarding its historical Demonetization decision in 2016.

As most people do not take their time off to discuss the appointment of the Governors, some opposition leaders have expressed their surprise about the decision. The Congress Communication Chief, Jairam Ramesh, questioned the decision on Twitter. He quoted the late Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, “Pre-retirement judgments are influenced by the desire of a post-retirement job. Adequate proof of this in the past 3-4 years for sure,” he added.

Raj Bhavan Appointments And Transfers

Starting with the appointment of Justice S. Abdula Nazeer, various other states got their new Governors, including Ladakh. Four BJP leaders, including BJP leader Gulab Chand Kataria serving as the opposition leader in Rajasthan, have been appointed as the new Governors of states.

Mr. Gulab Chand Kataria will become the new Governor of Assam. The other BJP leaders, C.P. Radhakrishnan, Lakshman Prasad Acharya and Shiv Pratap Shukla, were also appointed as the Governors of other states.

After Koshyari’s resignation from the post of Maharashtra’s Government, the incumbent Jharkhand Governor, Ramesh Bais, has been appointed as the new Governor of Maharashtra. The Chhattisgarh Governor, Anusuiya Uikye, will serve as the newly appointed Governor of Manipur. On the other hand, the incumbent Governor of Manipur, La Ganesan, will move to Nagaland to govern the state.

Though the reason for Kishyari’s resignation is unclear, he has stated that he had already made his intention of stepping down clear to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

With Ladakh recently caught in the protest to expand the sixth schedule in the Constitution, Mr. Mathur, the Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, has resigned. However, President Murmu has appointed Brig. B.D. Mishra (retired) as the new Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh.

The Bihar Governor, Mr. Phagu Chauhan, has been appointed as the Meghalaya Governor. The Governor of Himachal Pradesh, Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar, will join the same post in Bihar, replacing Phagu Chauhan.

Why Ladakh?

Mr. Mathur, the retired Indian Administrative Service Officer, was selected to be the Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh in 2019 after the same special status was abolished. As a result, Ladakh needed a legislative assembly. That is why the power of governing Ladakh went into the hands of the Lieutenant Governor in Ladakh.

However, the locals expressed dissatisfaction about selecting Mr.Mathur as their Governor. Various protestors have mentioned that the ex lieutenant Governor was an “outsider.” Somehow, this dissatisfaction is why Mr. Mathur resigned from the post.

Recently, the famous education reformer, engineer and innovator Sonam Wangchuk has voiced his protest against the appointment of Mr. Mathur as their Governor. He also stated that Mr. Mathur is an “outsider.” “The L-G, an outsider, is sent to govern us. One man decides everything. 90% of the Rupees 6000 crore allocated to Ladakh is at the dispensation of a non-elected person.” After using the word “outsider” for the former Lieutenant Governor, Wangchuk implied that it would be time for him to leave by the time he understood the issues.

Sonam Wangchuk, as a protest against the non-elected Lieutenant Governor, started protesting and fasting. He also demanded the expansion of the sixth schedule in the Constitution to protect the rights of the Ladakhi people.

With the latest claim from Sonam Wangchuk that he is under house arrest, some opposition leaders have taken the opportunity to question the central Government. A CPIM leader has also mentioned that Sonam Wangchuk is under house arrest because the Government wants to prevent him from speaking about bringing the Union Territory under schedule six of the Constitution. However, the police have stated that this news is false.

The Appointment of Brigadier (Dr) B.D. Mishra, As The next Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh

Amid the protest of the Ladakhi people in demand of full statehood and the expansion of the Sixth Schedule in the Constitution, Mr. Mathur, the lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, has resigned. As soon as the news of Mr. Mathur’s resignation became viral, The President of India, Mrs. Draupadi Murmu, announced that she had selected Dr. B.D. Mishra to serve as the Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh.

Mishra is the retired Brigadier of the Indian Army. He was also the former commander of the Counter-hijack unit of NSG (National Security Guard NSG, famously known as Black Cats). He has done a surgical strike on a hijacked Indian Airlines and rescued one hundred and twenty-six passengers, nine children and six crew members.

Mishra has received a lot of praise for conducting this operation successfully. However, Mishra’s appointment is now a hot topic because the Government has decided to appoint him as the next Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh at a time when the local people are protesting. It will be interesting to see how the situation becomes normal again.


With the resignation of Maharashtra and Ladakh Governor, Mrs. Murmu has appointed several Governors of India. Though some appointments are surprising and ok, some have raised a few questions. However, the Government has said nothing about it yet.

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