Pervez Musharraf Passes Away

The former President of Pakistan and Army chief Pervez Musharraf died at a private hospital in Dubai. Even though many people say that his reason for death is yet to be revealed, it is a widespread belief that he died after suffering a long illness in his self-imposed exile.

Pervez Musharraf always comes to the surface whenever we discuss Pakistani politics and its warmongering mindset towards India. His existence and various statements prove that his Government, under his supervision, planned attacks on India. Like the old tradition of Pakistan, this four-star general led a bloodless coup in 1999 and ruled Pakistan for almost a decade.

Though today we know that Musharraf passed away after suffering a long illness, his death sentence was already written long ago. We shall discuss everything about his life in this article.

Musharraf’s Downfall

Pervez Musharraf has always been a perfect example of a military dictatorship. From being a soldier to becoming a four-star general, Musharraf’s life has been bumpy and adventurous.

Everything was normal until he became vocal about his unconditional support for the United States of America’s fight against Osama Bin Laden-led al Qaeda and Mullah Omar-led Afghan Taliban. Many anticipate that this step of going against these jihadist groups was what instigated his downfall.

Surprisingly, Pervez Musharraf, who encouraged thousands of militants to do violence in The Indian part of Kashmir, we can only wonder why he was suddenly so vocal about USA’s war on terror.
Pervez Musharraf’s Personal Life

Pervez Musharraf, one of the brightest names in Pakistan’s politics and the President of the same country, was born in India’s New Delhi in 1943. The country was undivided, and the war for freedom became more prominent. When Musharraf was four years old, his family moved to Pakistan after the partition.

His father was a serviceman in the foreign ministry, and his mother was a teacher. Pervez Musharraf’s family followed a moderate brand of Islam. Like any country lover, Musharraf also joined the Pakistani army at eighteen. After that, he started leading an elite commando unit of the Pakistani army. After years of service in the Pak army, Musharraf rose to the supreme power of Pakistan, the army chief.

After becoming the army chief, he, in a bloodless way, led a coup, outcasted the then Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, and became the country’s ruler.

There is a widespread belief that Sharif tried to snatch his job after his illegal operation to invade India’s part of Kashmir. However, Sharif got sacked, and Musharraf became the head of the state.

Why Was He So Appealing to The West?

As we have discussed earlier, Pervez Musharraf has always led a modern life. Drinking imported whisky and smoking branded cigars were two of his hobbies. He constantly appealed to the Pakistanis to live a liberal and enlightened life. This attitude of his made him an appealing figure to the West.

Was Musharraf’s Recovery Possible?

Once Musharraf fled from his own country, he settled in Dubai. From there, his family gave information that his health was worsening. Islamabad media confirmed the report saying that the former President of Pakistan was on a ventilator at a private hospital in Dubai.

The first report was that the former Pakistani President was hospitalized for ill health. But it was yet unknown what the reason was. However, his family came forward on Twitter and informed people through his official Twitter account that his disease, Amyloidosis, was getting complicated. He was admitted to the hospital for three consecutive weeks.

However, a Pakistani journalist claimed that Pervez Musharraf was ill, but he was at home, negating all the claims made by his family on Twitter. As a result, the tweet was deleted. Later Musharraf’s family informed through Twitter again that his organs had some severe problems and that recovery was impossible.

“There is a defect in the organs.” His family informed on Twitter. In their tweet, the family also told people they had been through a difficult time and urged them to pray for the former President’s good health.

A very close aide and ally of Musharraf, Fawad Chaudhary, also confirmed the news of his ill health and informed that the former military general was in critical condition. However, the President of APML (All Pakistan Muslim League) urged people not to listen to fake news. He also said that the former Pak President was vigilant and ended his tweet by asking people to pray for the former Army general of Pakistan.

What Instigated Musharraf to Impose An Exile upon Himself?

After the 9/11 blast in New York, Musharraf became an asset to George. W. Bush led the Democratic party. Undoubtedly, he became one of the most valuable sources to satisfy Bush’s famous War on Terror policy. Musharraf let the American forces use Pakistani soil to call for a severe attack on al Qaeda. He let the US forces operate from secret bases and killed thousands of domestic troops in the country’s tribal areas and the Afghanistan frontier.

It had got him two things. He could carry forward his rule and get plenty of money to invest in the Pakistani Armed forces. However, to his dismay, he put Pakistan, an already underdeveloped country, in the middle of a bloody war, perhaps a never-ending war. This time the war was with the local radical militant group.

Though Pakistan saw some noticeable progress during the first half of his rule, the last few years were indeed bumpy. Musharraf took a drastic step in 2006 and ordered a sudden military action in Balochistan, killing the tribal head.

The following year, he again accepted violence when around a hundred students protested in favour of the imposition of the Sharia law. He shunned all the negotiation options and ordered the Military troops to go to the Islamabad mosque, instigating the violence. It later gave birth to the extreme radical group Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. It has now become a thorn to the Pakistani Government.

Later, Musharraf was also believed to have planned the murder of Benazir Bhutto. Musharraf has always been held responsible for killing the then Prime Minister (Bhutto) in a suicide attack. But later, when violence rose, he declared a state of emergency. Later, when he decided to conduct a general election, he lost and resigned as the President of Pakistan.


He returned in 2013. He was disqualified and could win no seat. So, Musharraf spent the rest of his life, sometimes in London, sometimes in Dubai. After so many years, Musharraf, the shape changer of Pakistani politics, died of long suffering away from his country.

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