Rajasthan Budget 2023: Key Highlights

The Rajasthan Government had already hinted that this year’s Budget would be different. Rajasthan chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, also responsible for the Government’s financial department, has announced the 2023 budget of the state. It was the first time when a state’s Budget was shown live.

A lot of anticipation was there about this year’s Budget. Since the 2023 Budget is the last one of the incumbent Government, it has been a matter of excitement for all to see what the Government has in store for the people of Rajasthan. The finalisation of the Rajasthan 2023 Budget was done in the presence of additional chief secretary finance Akhil Arora, secretary of finance (Budget) Rohit Gupta, secretary of finance (Revenue) Krishna Kant Pathak, Director Brajesh Sharma, Secretary of Finance (Expenditure) Naresh Kumar.

The Government is aware of the inflation people have been facing. So, the Gehlot Government has been careful about bringing a Budget that can provide people with several social welfare schemes, securing his seat for the next tenure.

While the Government had already taken a measured risk by reviving the Old Pension Scheme last year, now, being more confident, the Gehlot Government has come out with many more schemes for the people. No wonder Ashok Gehlot plans to remain in his position for another term.

Some Key Highlights of The Rajasthan Budget Released Yesterday

1. The Rajasthan Government had already hinted towards the Ujjwala scheme earlier. Since Gehlot is also in charge of the Government’s financial sector, it is simple to understand that inflation has not gone unnoticed by his eyes. Consequently, the Government had to announce something to provide a little relief to the people of Rajasthan.

According to the Ujjwala Scheme, low-income families can get LPG cylinders at Rs. 500/-. Though the Government had previously announced that it would be providing twelve cylinders in a year, now, according to the report, around seventy-six lakh families will benefit from this.

2. All the people of Rajasthan will get a hundred units of electricity free of cost. The Government had provided fifty units of electricity free of cost earlier. But this year, the Government has increased the number of units, keeping inflation in mind.

3. The farmers who consume less than two thousand units of electricity per month will not have to provide any cost for the electricity. It can undoubtedly provide a lot of relief to poor farmers.

4. The Gehlot Government has also announced that it will provide two-wheelers to all the girl students. But the Government has also mentioned that two-wheelers will be electricity free.

5. Students appearing for Competitive examinations will get the one-time registration facility. Consequently, the students can get relief from paying multiple times.

6. This year, the Ashok Gehlot Government has paid special attention to inflation, which is why he has announced a large amount of inflation relief package in this year’s Budget. This year, the current Rajasthan Government has provided the masses relief of nineteen thousand crores. The package contains free food for low-income families.

7. The amount of already existing Chiranjeevi Health Insurance has seen some changes this year. The Medical cover under the Chiranjeevi scheme has increased to rupees, twenty-five lakhs from ten Lakhs.

8. The Rajasthan Government has also decided to provide benefits under OPS to personnel of boards and corporations, universities and academics.

9. The Government has declared the implementation of Free Chief Minister Annapurna food packets every month. It also includes providing free rations to around one crore families. The free ration will provide sugar, pulses, one-litre edible oil and salt.

10. The Gehlot Government had also hinted at providing benefits and security to the gig workers earlier. In yesterday’s Budget, Ashok Gehlot announced the Gig Workers Welfare Act. The Government has allotted rupees 200 hundred crores of the Government’s Budget to the safety and security of gig workers.

11. No new taxes have been announced in this year’s Budget, which makes sense because, looking at the Budget highlights, it is pretty clear that the Gehlot Government has been aware of the inflation in India. He made a considerable effort to make sure this year’s Budget does not become a burden to the common people.

Could All The Changes Have Been Anticipated Earlier?

This year, Rajasthan is going to have its general election. That is why this year’s Budget has always been a primary concern for the people. Ashok Gehlot, someone who has shown mastery in running the Government earlier, now has a job to do. He must make sure that he is a better candidate than Sachin Pilot. Consequently, this year’s Budget has been a great deal for the whole Gehlot Government.

Although many of the Budget’s key highlights were unknown to the common people, the Gehlot-led Government had made it clear that this year the Rajasthan Budget would solely focus on the welfare of the people. While the Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme has already been in focus, there was no anticipation about the free electricity. Indeed, that is a master stroke by the Gehlot Government. Also, the Gig Workers Welfare Act has not surprised anyone. During the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi had already shed light on the challenges that gig workers face regularly. Since then, the Gig Workers Welfare Act has been discussed.

How Can The Budget Impact This Year’s Election?

Budget is a way of letting the common people know what the Government is up to with the money they get. That is why the Budget is a great way to strengthen the voting pool. The Gehlot Government has done exactly that.

With online feedback and being the head of the Government’s financial sector, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has calculated the country’s inflation rate. Hence, it has been clear that this year’s Budget will be more on social welfare schemes than on taxes.

Will this affect the election? Well, it seems Gehlot’s plan is already in motion. He deliberately published the Budget a month earlier to act upon the schemes mentioned in the Budget and needless to say, this year it has got people’s attention.


Though the election has time, it seems like Ashok Gehlot has set his voting pool ready. The final result will only be decided at the end of the year. But this year’s Budget is a smart move from the incumbent Government.

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