Russia – Ukraine Conflict: Biden Visits Kyiv

On February 24th, 2022 Russia launched a full-fledged invasion attack on Ukraine, and the entire world was shaken to the core. This attack reminded the world of the 2014 Russian invasion or annexation of Crimea. Some experts say that Russia wants to control the entire territory of the old Soviet Union and reclaim its might as the largest nation in size and strength.

Russia - Ukraine Conflict: Biden Visits Kyiv

Russia – Ukraine Conflict: Biden Visits Kyiv

Background of the events that led to the recent invasion of Ukraine which is going since last 1 year

One apparent reason is that Ukraine was a member of the Soviet Union until its disintegration in 1991 and since then Russia has tried to keep Ukraine under its orbit.

In 2014 Russia annexed Crimea, which got them even closer to the Ukrainian mainland as Crimea was a peninsula along the Ukrainian borders.
The annexation of Crimea strengthened Russian maritime forces around Ukraine. This was a clear indicator for Ukraine that they are under serious threat. Ukraine started getting closer to the United States Of America and the European Union. US and EU started assuring Ukraine of protecting its borders from Russia in case of an attack.
The US, as well as the EU, backed Ukraine to control Russia in the international power tussle and also to protect other European nations bordering Ukraine. The growing influence of the EU and the US troubled Russia even more and the chances of deploying NATO forces inside Ukraine was something that Russia never wanted. In the Luhansk and Donetsk region, rebel groups started fighting against the established government of Ukraine and they were supposedly backed by Russian agencies and forces.

Why does Russia wants to control Ukraine?

Ukraine and Russia share cultural similarities for centuries.
Ukraine is a major part of the former Soviet Union and hence an important area in Russia’s plan to get back control of all the old Soviet nations.
Ukraine provided access to the black sea as well as the Mediterranean sea. This basically threatens the west EU even more.
Ukraine is also a major hub of industries and defense manufacturing.

Reasons for the attack.

Economic Factors
Russia, considering the significance of Ukraine and the size of its economy, wants Ukraine’s membership in the Eurasian Economic Community (EAEC), which is a free trade agreement that was founded in the year 2015.
Ukraine’s large market, agricultural, and industrial output, Ukraine was supposed to play an important part in EAEC. But Ukraine declined the offer to join the agreement.

Geo-Political Factors
Russia claims that the eastward expansion by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) which they call “enlargement”, threatens Russia’s interests and has asked for written guarantees from NATO that they would not come into a geographically challenging position.
NATO, led by the U.S., has planned to install missile defense systems in eastern Europe in countries like Poland and the Czech Republic to counter Russia’s intercontinental-range missiles. Russia doesn’t want that and especially not in Ukraine which would have happened if Ukraine was in time granted EU membership.

Latest updates on Russian – Ukraine conflict.

Russia has been indulging in a full-scale fight with Ukraine, an aspiring NATO member. Russia has stated that its troop deployment and attack are in response to NATO’s steady eastward expansion. Russia argues that its moves are aimed at protecting its own security considerations.
Russia has mobilized around 1,00,000 troops on its border with Ukraine.
Russia seeks assurance from the US that Ukraine shall not be inducted into NATO.
This has resulted in tensions between Russia and the West which have been supportive of Ukraine. The U.S. has assured Ukraine that it will “respond decisively” in case of an invasion by Russia.
Russia launched an all-out attack on Ukraine through land, air, and sea.
The attacks by Russia are considered the biggest attack by one state against another in Europe since the Second World War.

India’s Stand on Russian Conflict.
India called for “a peaceful resolution of the situation through sustained diplomatic efforts for long-term peace and stability in the region and beyond”.
Immediately after the annexation, India abstained from voting in the UN General Assembly on a resolution that sought to condemn Russia.
In 2020, India voted against a Ukraine-sponsored resolution in the UN General Assembly that sought to condemn alleged human rights violations in Crimea.
India’s position is largely rooted in neutrality and has adapted itself to the post-2014 status quo on Ukraine.

America and China’s Stand
Yesterday American president Joe Biden visited Ukraine’s Kyiv in a surprise visit and spent around 5 hours with Ukrainian counterpart Zelensky. This move is being watched worldwide as a very high voltage action by America by being directly involved for the first time on the battle ground. On the other hand China’s president Xi Jin Ping is seen with Russian president Putin sending a message across the world as to whose side they are on. Clearly 2 power centers are being formed and the entire world looks with fearful anticipation.

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