The Sad State Of Indian Media

Media is a blessing in Democracy. Our Indian media is anything but subtle. Regarding sensationalism, no media holds a candle to Indian Media. It is over-the-top, dramatic, and overly patriotic. The media that keeps preaching tolerance to us Indians is also the first to resort to excessive melodrama when reporting a crime. Such media outlets act without thinking of the consequences and don’t care about people’s privacy in all of this.

India’s media is considered one of the most vibrant and boisterous in the world. The country has churned out talented journalists who have been front-runners in bringing forth issues that would otherwise lie unattended by the mainstream media.

The current state of journalism and media reporting has declined sharply in the past 8 years of BJP/Modi regime, the anchors are clearly biased and it is becoming insane and more like a Saas-Bahu serial than news journalism. Media houses have become propaganda mouthpieces of the regime, running history lessons, showing normal state affairs as some magical happening by the grace of supreme leader of their choice. It’s sad and worrying to see the current state of media that has no quality at all in any aspect of news reporting or journalism.

Why is Indian Media So Overdramatic?

The Indian Media needs to be more balanced in their news reporting and should be more credible and professional in their conduct. But they are becoming more and more dramatic because of the following reasons.

Over Dramatic Reporter/Anchor
The Indian media is known to be overdramatic and exaggerated in their reporting. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular among the masses. News outlets often play up the drama of a story to keep people interested. A reporter may exaggerate a small incident into a huge event in a remote area that may have no relevance. All the shouting and pointing fingers without relevance just to keep an audience on their channel is making things worse.

Always Looking for a Controversy
The Indian media is always looking for controversy. Whether it is a celebrity or an issue, they’ll find something to make it into an argument or a debate. They do this because they want more viewers and readership. The other reason is that they want to be seen as a credible source of information by those who read their articles or watch their shows on television. As a result, they have created an environment where everyone is on edge and ready to defend themselves. This has led to a lot of unnecessary drama in the country.

Reports based on Hearsay
Indian media reports based on Hearsay. This means that they often use third-party information to report on their stories. For example, if some “sources” say that a politician has done something wrong, they will report that politician as corrupt even if they have not been proven guilty yet. The journalist will write a sensational story about the politician’s corruption, emphasizing that he stole money from the government. This can damage the image of politicians because it makes them look like criminals when they are innocent until proven guilty.

Lack of Research for Sentimentalization
Indian Media is Overdramatic because of a lack of research. So, many articles are written without any research and just copy-pasted from other sources. The lack of research and analysis in news stories leads to a false sense of reality among the public, which can devastate the country’s political climate. When reporters cover a story, they don’t always have all the facts before they write or speak about it. And when you don’t have all your facts straight, you can easily get carried away with speculation and overstatement.

Indian media is known for its dramatic, sensationalist approach to reporting on the news. This is largely due to a lack of research by journalists and editors, who rely on exaggerated stories and quotes from unqualified sources for their stories. Journalists often don’t fact-check their stories or even consider whether a story is new before publishing it. As a result, Indian media has become known for its use of language and images that are inflammatory, misleading, and sometimes wrong.

Media Trials
The Indian media has a history of sensationalizing trials, with the result that many people cannot differentiate between fact and fiction. This has led to a culture of fear and paranoia, where people are afraid to speak out if they are accused of participating in a crime or being an accomplice.

The media has a strong impact on the public. They are viewed as credible and trustworthy, so people often turn to them for information about current events, politics, and other popular topics. However, when it comes to news stories, there is a fine line between reporting the facts and presenting an opinion that may be biased or not based on all of the facts surrounding the story. Sometimes this can lead to media trials where journalists take sides on controversial issues without presenting both sides of the story fairly.

Journalism for Petty Gains
Journalism is for bringing truth to people. But, in India, it has become a business. The media houses are not worried about how their stories are presented, but they care about how much money they can make from them. They don’t even care if their stories are true or false, as long as they get views and clicks on their website.

The Indian media is highly commercialized and often suffers from a lack of professionalism. The motive behind most journalism is to earn money or gain fame and recognition, which leads to a lot of over-dramatization of news stories. The media often makes sensational claims about the lives of celebrities and politicians to get more views and make higher profits. This is one of the main reasons why Indian media is so over dramatic.

The over-dramatic Indian media is being confronted at this point by a digitally-empowered audience. The audience has started seeking out objective facts from multiple sources and is not being willingly carried away by the typical sensationalist headlines. But here is a lesson we need to learn: there can be more than one truth, even if these truths conflict with each other.

The funny, annoying. and below average news anchors are being given a platform and a voice to spread insane amount of communal propaganda and hatred. This has seriously gone to a level where a sane citizen can get a good laugh out of these media shows. Hope things take a turn for the good from here because it cannot get any worse than it already is, or it can?

The Sad State Of Indian Media

The Sad State Of Indian Media

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