Elon Musk Announces Audio / Video Calling On Twitter

Elon Musk, the proprietor of X (formerly known as Twitter), is actively pursuing his vision of transforming the app into a comprehensive super app. A recent step in this direction involves introducing voice and video call functionalities to X.

Musk declared, “X will soon offer video and audio calling,” emphasizing that these capabilities will be accessible on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC devices. Importantly, users won’t require a phone number as X will function as a universal address book. He also envisions that this distinctive combination of features has the potential to revolutionize communication on the platform.

“Video & audio calls coming to X,” Musk announced on X.

“These features will be available on iOS, Android, Mac & PC, without the need for a phone number. X will serve as the universal address book. This unique set of features sets us apart,” Musk conveyed in his X post.

To recall, X’s designer, Andrea Conway, had previously hinted at this upcoming feature in a post earlier this month. She casually mentioned, “just called someone on X.”

Meanwhile, the social media company X Corp. announced on Tuesday that it will permit political advertising in the United States from candidates and political parties.

X plans to expand its safety and elections team in preparation for the 2024 presidential election, as stated in a blog post by the company owned by Elon Musk.

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