Top 5 New Features in iOS 17 and Supported Devices!

iOS 17 has introduced several improvements, including transcription of voicemail and FaceTime messages, StandBy Mode, Sensitive Content Warning, NameDrop, and NFC capabilities. These features aim to improve communication and avoidance behaviors and enhance features like contact sharing, photo search, and check-in.

Top 5 New Features and Device Support in iOS 17!

Unsolicited pictures will be easier to avoid, voicemail is about getting strange, and old iPhones will be valuable.

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Since the release of the first iPhone in 2007, our communication and avoidance behaviors have changed. It is now only acceptable for parents and close friends to call people unexpectedly. Sending voicemails is now only appropriate for juicy rumors.

These modifications are apparent in a lot of the improvements added to iPhones by Apple in iOS 17, which is currently available as a public beta for anyone with an iPhone XR or newer or a second-generation iPhone SE.

Apple upgrades the iOS program, which powers millions of iPhones, once a year. It is how the process works: after a preview and beta release, the public will receive the finished product when the new iPhones are available in the autumn.

Here are iOS 17’s Top 5 New Features

Transcription of voicemail and FaceTime messages
Voicemail’s future is a complex one. It is a result of the iPhone’s attempts to appease various constituencies. While Gen Z and millennials would rather die than listen to a voicemail, they are cool with texting minute-long voice messages about their days to Gen X and boomers who still enjoy leaving voicemails.

In iOS 17, the voicemail screen now displays a transcription of what the caller says in almost real-time, allowing you to choose whether or not to pick up.

StandBy Mode

Apple has created an intriguing way to give outdated technology a new use rather than letting it collect dust in a drawer or selling it for a pittance with StandBy Mode. It’s safer and a great way to test out this feature to install the beta version on an older phone.

Screening offensive pictures

Unwanted explicit images are a long-standing issue. Sensitive Content Warning, a new opt-in feature from Apple, aims to address it. When activated, the function will automatically identify and blur out images and videos of naked people while warning you and giving you the choice to view or ignore them.


This feature is so incredibly tardy. NameDrop allows you to exchange your contact details like you would pay for an espresso using the iPhone’s near-field communication (NFC) capabilities. They will have your information if you wave the top of your phone over another device. Additionally, Apple Watches can use it.

The Little Things

When texting, there is now an additional tap to find photos, and if you know someone who uses Stickers, they will have many options. When you call someone, you can choose which picture and name they see on their screen, thanks to a new feature called Contact Posters. When returning from a night out or any situation where you’d like someone to keep tabs on you, check-in allows sharing your progress.

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