What do users on Threads do when they tweet on Twitter? Instagram CEO responds

In just one day, the user base of Twitter rival Meta’s Threads surpassed 30 million. Users are unsure what to call their app sections, and some have suggested “Zucks.” The Verge asked Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri if Threads posts should know as tweets. Mosseri replied, “Kind of,” revealing that it’s allowable. With its variety of content types, including posting, replies, reposts, and quotes, Threads encourage discussion and sharing of ideas. Twitter intends to bring legal action against Meta.

People tweet on Twitter, but what are they doing on Threads? Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, responds

When The Verge asked Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri if Threads posts should be known as tweets, Mosseri replied, “Kind of,” indicating that it is acceptable.

Threads exceeded 30 million users in a day

Since Meta unveiled Threads as a competitor to Twitter, the future of the service is dangling by a thread. In just one day, the app quickly surpassed 30 million users.

The users are puzzled over what to call their sections on Threads

But wait, there’s more: these users are now perplexed over what to call their priceless sections on Threads. People “tweet,” as you possibly noticed, on Twitter, but on Threads? It’s a crazy guessing game, I think. Should they continue using the old “posts”?

A sharp user suggests, “Zucks.”

Alternately, as some astute Tweeps suggested, should they come up with something peculiar like “Zucks”? Unfortunately, Meta will not be endorsing that notion any time soon.

The Verge questions the CEO of Instagram

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, was recently asked by The Verge whether the posts on Threads should be known as tweets. The publication questioned Mosseri on the Threads app, “Is this a tweet?” That follows his “Kind of” response. It makes it clear that calling the posts on Threads tweets is safe.

Even though Elon Musk may disapprove of “cheating,” those who have left Twitter are most inclined to do so.

Social Media post from Threads

According to a social media post from Threads, “Threads” refers to the application itself, and users frequently exclaim their elation by saying, “Threads is fire.” Another word used in the app to describe a discussion started by someone is “thread.”

For instance, many users noticed when @mosseri commenced a thread that provoked thought. In Threads, a “post” is a unique text or media item that users can share. The facility of saving a post for later is easily accessible if you find one that interests you. Users can also “post” their threads, which allows them to publish their ideas or content on the app.

You can participate in conversations by “replying” to other people’s posts or threads, which promotes interaction. You can “repost” someone else’s post to share it on your profile and reach more people. Finally, users can “quote” another user’s post and add commentary to it to add something substantial to the conversation.

For instance, if you shared a quote from @mosseri’s post with your observations. Through many content types, Threads provide an active environment for interacting, stimulating, and exchanging with others.

Twitter plans to sue Meta

In related news, Musk is not pleased with Mark Zuckerberg’s most recent endeavor. He claims that while competing is okay, lying is not. Because of this, Twitter also intends to sue Meta.

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