“The Great Indian Family” Movie Review: About India’s Diversity Starring Vicky Kaushal

“The Great Indian Family” is a humorous drama that is enjoyable to watch and will make you smile.

The Great Indian Family Movie Review

Director of the movie
Vijay Krishna Acharya

The cast of the movie
Bhuvan Arora, Kumud Mishra, Manushi Chhillar, Manoj Pahwa, Shristi Dixit, Vicky Kaushal

Where to watch

Release date
September 22

First Impression

The term “democracy” is significant because the Tripathi clan patriarch thinks all family members should have a say in important decisions. Then comes diversity, and to convey a message of unity, harmony, and diversity in one, director Vijay Krishna Acharya unwittingly crosses into preachy territory. He serves as a tired social critique of the gap between Hindus and Muslims.

Plot of the movie

Ved Vyas is a devout Hindu who has been reluctant to work as a pandit. Despite being a Pandit by birth, he avoids his family. But one day, Ved experiences spirituality on the next level and transforms into Bhajan Kumar. When Bhajan Kumar learns he is a Muslim by birth, he encounters a shock and crisis.

Review of the movie

You will come across Bhajan Kumar, aka Billu’s family, in the small town of North India where “The Great Indian Family” unfolds. They take pride in and conduct “business” as a Pandit. Billu’s father (Kumud Mishra), who sings for crowds, is a well-known priest in the community.

Their family is a typical Indian one, full of disorganized characters. At one point, Billu appears to call them “snakes” in a game of snakes and ladders. But Billu and his family experience a religious identity crisis, which puts these snakes to the test. In one of the film’s most moving moments, Billu makes fun of them and claims that negativity sells the best, as a stark reminder of the social media age.

“The Great Indian Family” is unambiguous in its message because religion and identity form the core. The film frequently turns to more extravagant narrative techniques to make the previously mentioned point, which makes it preachy.

The Vicky Kaushal movie, which goes by Vijay Krishna Acharya, the man behind “Thugs of Hindostan,” is not afraid to wear its intentions on its sleeve. It is a movie with a preachy goal, and it succeeds. Considering the unstable environment, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but examining the topic seems timely.

The dialogue in the movie is current and relatable. However, when it tries to capitalize on the entire “Hindu-Muslim” angle, it feels a little forced, but even that occurs on purpose to elicit laughter and some serious reflection on the matter. The script is uncomplicated and straightforward. The plot is predictable.

Performances of the Actors

Vicky does a fantastic job as Bhajan Kumar. He gives a sincere performance, which gets helped by the powerful on-screen presence of Kumud Mishra and Manoj Pahwa. Manushi Chillar only makes two song appearances in the movie and doesn’t contribute much to the plot.

Final words

“The Great Indian Family” is a humorous drama that is enjoyable to watch and will make you smile. Vicky Kaushal and Kumud Mishra are the stars, as they both grab the spotlight. With their outstanding performances, they both sparkled throughout the entire movie.

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