AAP To Stop Providing Subsidy On Electricity Says Atishi

The Delhi Power Minister, Atishi, has accused Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena of delaying the file related to the AAP government’s power subsidy scheme. Atishi claimed that as a result, the estimated 46 lakh households benefiting from the scheme will stop receiving the subsidy from Saturday. However, LG House officials refuted these allegations and called them part of a “drama” by the AAP government.

They stated that approval for the scheme was given by Saxena on Thursday and the file was sent to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday. They also accused Atishi of unnecessary politicking and stated that her allegations were baseless and fake.

Atishi has said that until the file is returned from the LG’s office, the Delhi government cannot move forward with disbursing the required funds for the scheme. The LG House officials have accused Atishi of misleading people with false statements and intentionally delaying the decision regarding the power subsidy.

AAP To Stop Providing Subsidy On Electricity Says Atishi

AAP To Stop Providing Subsidy On Electricity Says Atishi

They claimed that the file had deliberately been sent to Raj Niwas on April 11, and the drama created by the AAP government on April 13 was unnecessary since the file had already been approved and sent to the CM on April 12.

LG office countered the claim of AAP govt by saying that why haven’t they sent the files for further processing and why did the files were sent to the LG only on 11th April when the deadline was 15th April. “What is the need of this drama 13th April by writing a letter and a press conference today when the files were already signed last evening and sent to CM office in the morning” LG house officials said.

This is another example of the tussle between the AAP government of Delhi and the LG appointed by the center govt. Atishi claimed that discom company had notified the state govt stating that they will start generating the bills as per the normal rates as they have not received any updates from the LG in terms of the files of subsidy.

It is to be noted that AAP government in Delhi has come face to face with the LG house office on multiple occasions and the state govt had attacked the center govt saying that the BJP govt is using the LG house office as a tool to hinder the development schemes of AAP govt and fulfill their political vendetta.

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