Radhika Apte’s Mrs Undercover: Review

Radhika Apte’s Mrs Undercover: Review

Feminism, filmmaking, and everything in between is undermined by Radhika Apte’s spy comedy

Director of Film
Mrs Undercover was directed by Anushree Mehta.

The film’s screenwriter
Abir Sengupta and Anushree Mehta are the writers of the script.

The cast of the film
In this film, Radhika Apte plays the main lead. Along with Apte, the film also features Rajesh Sharma, Sumeet Vyas, and Saheb Chatterjee.

Streaming Platform
You can stream the movie ‘Mrs Undercover’ only on Zee5 entertainment.

Radhika Apte's Mrs Undercover: Review

Radhika Apte’s Mrs Undercover: Review

First Impression
Thankfully, occasional films like Mrs. Undercover confirm my conviction that bad storytelling is the objective singularity. It’s as if the movie trembles you out of abstinence and screams, “It isn’t your fault, it’s me!” we will always be appreciative of this.

The plot of the movie
Assembled to track down a serial killer known as “Common Man,” Mrs Undercover is an undercover housewife named Durga (Radhika Apte) who lives in Kolkata. Being Ajay (Sumeet Vyas), a regular social worker by day and a murderer by night, there is no mystery surrounding the man’s identity. It is implied that he will have no trouble finding victims in a large city like Kolkata.

The story of the movie
Durga is a Special Forces agent who fantasizes about wreaking havoc on criminals while wearing a latex suit in the story, Mrs. Undercover. Rangela, the force’s chief, is pursuing her in Kolkata to reclaim her. Durga is the only hope for the country because Common Man assassinated all other male agents. In one of the clips he provides from his victims’ phones, Common Man is also shown a scar on his arm. It hurts to say how helpful the exposition at the beginning is.

The only significant action scene involves an amateurish car chase, and Durga’s husband is a cheater. The red saris and sindoor on Durga’s forehead are tone-deaf, and the remarks are subtly delivered. Every woman is depicted as a mysterious character from a business wildlife conservation film.

Maybe one day we’ll forget that erratic actress Radhika Apte made a full-throat appearance in what are arguably the two worst Hindi films of 2022 (Forensic) and 2023 (Mrs. Undercover) combined. That’s just not the case today.
Sumeet Vyas, whom we’ve missed in over-the-top movies, seemed like a good choice to play a Common (Mad) Man, but the movie ignores him in its quest for hashtag feminism.

The most crucial point is that Durga’s new salary has not been increased to account for inflation, nor has she been compensated for her twelve years of undercover inactivity.

Radhika Apte's Mrs Undercover: Review

Radhika Apte’s Mrs Undercover: Review

The Final Verdict
The climax scene where the action picks up takes place at a women’s empowerment program at a girls’ school, where the female chief minister is the target of this psychotic troll. A Wednesday (2008), Raazi (2018), Kahaani (2012), and Baadshah (1999) are getting tipsy and thinking about whether this is what they’re motivated by in 2023 when you hear the loud clink of glasses that can be heard right now.

It’s also the sound of viewers engaging in a drinking game where they take a shot every time a character refers to a “housewife” while ostensibly making a progressive point. I’ve witnessed virtue-signaling tweets that were staged with more nuance and dexterity than the monologues in this movie.

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