Breaking News: NCP Chief Sharad Pawar Resigns From Party Chief’s Post

In the latest breaking news coming in from Maharashtra NCP Chief Sharad Pawar has announced his resignation from the post of party chief.

It is to be noted that their have been some trouble brewing in as per the reports with news of Ajit Pawar of NCP siding with BJP, but later on Ajit Pawar condemned all such reports and he himself attended Uddhav Thackerey’s public meeting last night in Mumbai where he attacked the BJP during his speech.

Watch the announcement of ANI’s official twitter handle:

Sharad Pawar was the founder of Nationalist Congress Party which was founded in the year 1999 on the lines of Gandhian principles and secular ideal. NCP is one of the major political parties in Maharashtra and they also have presence in a few other states as well.

Recently NCP lost the tag of a National Political party after failing to achieve the minimum voting percentage required for the criteria.

There have been no confirmations so far regarding who will be taking the party reigns after Sharad Pawar, it looks like his nephew Ajit Pawar may take the chief post or if some reports are to be believed Supriya Sule the daughter of the outgoing chief and member of parliament can also come out as a surprise.

The supporters of NCP are protesting against the decision and gathering at party office demanding that Sharad Pawar takes his decision back and continue as the party chief.

After last night’s show of strength by Uddhav Thakrey, Maharashtra Congress and NCP things are getting very interesting within Maharashtra’s politics and coming few days will be something to watch out for.

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