Calcutta High Court Asks Bengal Govt For A Report On Violence

The West Bengal government was instructed by the Calcutta High Court to provide an investigation and CCTV recordings of the conflict that took place during the Ram Navami observances in Howrah and Dalkhola on Monday.

The West Bengal government was asked to provide a thorough report on the recent Ram Navami clashes in the Howrah and Hooghly districts by division bench of the Calcutta High Court on Monday.

The state government has been ordered to submit the report and CCTV footage of the altercations by Wednesday by a two-judge divisional bench that includes Acting Chief Justice T.S. Sivagnanam and Justice Hiranmoy Bhattacharya.

The advancement occurred in the initial having heard on a PIL filed by Suvendu Adhikari, the opposition leader in the state assembly, calling for an investigation by a central agency into the clashes on March 30 that turned Shibpur and Kazipara in Howrah into practical battlegrounds.

In Howrah, a BJP leader spoke to the media and said, “There is a lack of police work. They are not actively involved; they’re just watching. They don’t take any action. Hindu families have suffered damage to their entire homes. To save their lives, all Hindus in the Kazipara area were forced to flee.”
The state government has been ordered by the Calcutta High Court to submit the report by April 5. The court remarked that with the start of classes at schools and colleges, the police should make sure that everything continues as normal in the state. Notably, April 6 is the date of the upcoming hearing.

The state police were also given instructions by the division bench to make sure that the public is not negatively impacted by the tension.

The bench criticized the police’s performance on this count while warning the administration to take precautions to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

Also on Monday, the bench questioned the state’s attorney general Soumendra Nath Mookherjee about the alleged oversight by the police in the case.

Why did the police not know about these potential incidents in advance given that there had been prior instances of a similar development? What kind of attitude might the cops have? How far have things progressed? Have the authorities enforced Section 144 in those areas?” Justice Sivagnanam investigated.

The police were permitted a peaceful procession, according to the state’s general attorney.

“After some time, though, some of the demonstrators turned violent. Section 144 is now in effect. In some areas, internet service has been halted “He notified the court.
On March 30, while Ram Navami was being celebrated, there was violence in Howrah, a city close to Kolkata. Vehicles and shops in the area were set on fire. More than 45 people were detained, and several police officers were deployed.

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