Karnataka Elections: Opinion Polls Predict Clear Victory For Congress

In the upcoming Karnataka assembly elections, an opinion poll predicts a resounding victory for the Congress party

On May 10, 2023, voting will take place in the Karnataka Assembly Elections, and on May 13, results will be tallied.

The 224 members of the Assembly are up for election in this election. The voting will take place on May 10 for the Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023, and the results will be announced on May 13.

Karnataka Assembly Elections Announced: Voting On 10th May

Karnataka Assembly Elections Announced: Voting On 10th May

This time, it’s anticipated that there will be a tight race between the incumbent Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress, with the Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) potentially playing a kingmaker role.

A survey or opinion poll carried out by CVoter indicated that 57 percent of respondents were dissatisfied with the current government and predicted a resounding victory for the Congress party.

Speaking of the performance of the government, the survey revealed that Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai received a poor rating from 47 percent of respondents and a good rating from only 26.2 percent.

Prediction of CVoter Opinion PollsCurrent Government Performance
Speaking of the current government’s performance, 50.5 percent of respondents gave it a “poor” rating, while only 27.7 percent said it was “good.”

According to the Quint survey, the greatest challenge confronting the present government is unemployment (29.1 percent), followed by infrastructure (21.5 percent).

Political History of Congress in the state
As one of the major political forces in Karnataka, the Congress party has frequently formed the state’s governments.

With only 80 seats out of the 224 assembly seats won in 2008, the party was severely defeated. However, in 2013, it recovered and prevailed with 122 seats. In the previous election, it garnered 80 seats and partnered with JD(S) to form a coalition government that disintegrated in 2019. It is currently the dominant opposition force in the state.

Former BJP CM’s Statement
BJP’s former chief minister, BS Yediyurappa, announced that he would not run in the assembly elections.

The former CM said in a statement to ANI, “I’ve taken the decision not to contest the Assembly election and have resigned from the CM post as I’ve already passed 80 years of age. Even though I’ve passed 80 years old, I’ll still tour the state this time and the next. We’ll check to see if we win the majority not just this time, but also the next.”

General Information About State Election
Since 2018–19, there have been an additional 9.17 lakh first-time voters in the state. There are 58,282 polling places in the state overall, and the sensitive ones will have more security. There will be 1,320 booths run exclusively by women, while about 100 booths will be run solely by people with disabilities.

There are 224 Assembly seats, of which 36 are set aside for members of the SC and 15 for members of the ST. The state has a total electorate of 5,21,73,579, of which 2.62 crore are men and 2.59 crore are women.

The total number of electors over the age of 80 is 12.15 lakh. It represents a 32% increase over 2018. 16,976 proud voters are 100 years old or older. There are now 5.55 lakh people who are persons with disabilities (PWDs). This is a nearly 150 percent increase. For the first time, people aged 80 and older will be able to vote from home during elections.