Campaign for Caste Census Launched by UP Congress Before LS Polls

To prepare for the 2024 Lok Shaba elections, the UP Congress is courting underprivileged voters because the INC’s vote share dropped to just 2% in the assembly election of 2022. 45% of voters come from lower castes. The conventions requested a caste census and a rise in the reservation quota for underprivileged groups.

Anil Yadav, the organizing secretary for the UP Congress, announced that the convention would take place in many cities of UP. Anil Yadav applauds the governments led by the Congress in four states. “Congress is the only political party actively battling for the improvement of the OBS community,” claims Yadav.

Before the LS elections, the UP Congress launches its caste census campaign

The UP Congress has begun organizing meetings to demand a caste census and a hike in reservation quotas for the backward, with administrators from Agra, Ferozabad, and Mainpuri taking part.

UP Congress has started courting backward voters before the LS elections

Congress in Uttar Pradesh has begun courting backward voters as it prepares for the upcoming parliamentary elections. As the vote share of the INC reduced to just 2% in the 2022 assembly elections, the UP Congress is now enlisting the help of those who have fallen behind. In UP, voters from backward castes make up more than 45% of the electorate.

Conventions demanding a caste census and an increase in the reservation quota for backward at the division level have begun to be organized by the UP Congress. The first such convention, attended by representatives of the underprivileged communities from Agra, Ferozabad, and Mainpuri, was held on Thursday in Mathura.

Numerous Conventions Will Take Place

Anil Yadav, the organizing secretary for the UP Congress, announced that a similar convention would take place on June 18 in Kanpur, on June 19 in Varanasi, and on June 21 in the Saharanpur division. The backward convention will take place in Bareilly on June 22, in Ayodhya on June 25, and in Devipatan Division on June 26.

Division-wise conferences would be over by the first week of July, according to Anil Yadav, and then similar programs are scheduled at the district level. He claimed that Congressman Rahul Gandhi had called for a caste census and an increase in the backward reservation quota. Without conducting a caste census, he claimed, social justice in society is impossible.

Anil Yadav applauds the Congress-led governments in four states

According to the organizing secretary for Congress, his party currently controls four state governments. Three of the four chief ministers of the Congress party were from the underclass. According to Yadav, “Congress is the only political group that is actively battling for the betterment of the OBS community.”

Along with lifting the 50% reservation cap, it came up to hold a caste-based survey across the board in the Congress Backward conference. It demanded that disadvantaged groups receive reservations based on their population. The Congress party in the convention also called for adequate inclusion of the most disadvantaged castes in employment and other structures.

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