Chris Hemsworth Is Back In Extraction 2

Extraction 2 Teaser : After being shot, Chris Hemsworth returns as Tyler Rake, and fans proclaim, “Here arrives the great and powerful Thor!”

Chris Hemsworth Is Back in Extraction 2

Chris Hemsworth Is Back in Extraction 2

Chris Hemsworth is seen fighting with police officers to escape a girl in a prison scene from the teaser for Extraction 2. He also downs a helicopter.

For his upcoming, eagerly anticipated movie Extraction 2, Chris Hemsworth has released the teaser. This black operations mercenary is back in the new movie as he faces off against an army of police officers to save a girl, following the success of Netflix’s Extraction (2020), which concluded with Chris Tyler Rake taking a single shot to the neck.

Chris captioned the Instagram teaser, “You only get one fired at a new chance.” EXTRACTION 2 premieres worldwide on @Netflix on June 16th. Tyler Rake is still alive.”

The action-packed teaser begins with Chris going to a prison to free a girl, but they end up getting involved in a huge brawl with the police.

He is struck in the head as he engages them in combat in the most fearless way possible, which triggers memories of being shot earlier and of being pronounced “clinically dead” nine months prior. Despite having one of his hands engulfed in flames, he regains consciousness and continues to fight the cops. The next time we see him, he is taking down a helicopter that is approaching him while riding a scooter.

The child actor from the first Extraction, Rudhraksh Jaiswal, made a comment on the new trailer on Instagram with the phrase “BACK IN ACTION” and several fire emojis. “@chrishemsworth let’s go savage!” said chef Dan Churchill.

A fan exclaimed, “Look, here emerges the powerful and great Thor.” “I’m still confused about how he survived,” wrote another, “but I’m undoubtedly pumped up for this movie.” “If Thor was half Tyler’s size, there would be a shift in Marvel,” one fan remarked.

The film, directed by Sam Hargrave, will debut primarily on Netflix on June 16, 2023. The script was written by Joe Russo, who also wrote the first Avengers: Endgame installment, and is being produced by Joe and Anthony Russo under their AGBO banner.

Extraction, which debuted on Netflix in 2020, was a huge success. To save the drug lord’s kidnapped son, Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) was shown traveling to Bangladesh. Tyler Rake was shot in the neck at the movie’s conclusion while he was defending the child. Fans were left wondering if Tyler Rake had stayed alive until the climax.

The first installment of the movie also featured Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda. The film was watched by approximately 90 million people around the world on Netflix when it was released.

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