West Bengal’s Rishra Faces Fresh Violence

Bengal’s Rishra Has Suffered New Violence, Trains Hit After Ram Navami Clashes

Stone-throwing near a level crossing caused the suspension of local, mail, and express train services on the Howrah-Bandel section for about three hours, according to Railways.

New violence erupted shortly after midnight in West Bengal’s Rishra, a day after conflicts during a BJP procession in the region, and train facilities was impacted. Railway assets were attacked as well.

Eastern Railway Chief Public Relations Officer Kaushik Mitra reported that lWest Bengal’s Rishra Faces Fresh Violenceocal, mail, and express train services in the Howrah-Bandel segment had been closed for about three hours due to stone-throwing near a level crossing. After midnight, trains started running again. According to the Railways, several long-distance trains were temporarily halted due to violence.

After a wave of violence since Ram Navami, riot control officers were positioned in the Hooghly district. They are now roaming the Rishra station area to stop an emergency.

After racial tensions flared up during Ram Navami rallies, Hooghly and Howrah, two districts close to Kolkata, have been on the boil.

On Thursday, many vehicles were ignited in Howrah after two groups got into a fight. To control the situation after the public property was vandalized, police had to use tear gas shells.

On Sunday, a new round of conflict arose in Hooghly. BJP MLA Biman Ghosh was among those hurt.

The Trinamool Congress government suspended Internet services and imposed preventive detention orders in response to the violent clashes.

The conflict has ignited a political brawl between the governing Trinamool Congress and the BJP.

Abhishek Banerjee, the general secretary of Trinamool, has shared footage from a religious parade in which a young man can be seen holding a gun, accusing the BJP of instigating communal tensions in Howrah.

“The BJP is once again using its DANGABAJI Method, which involves instigating and fomenting disputes between various groups of people. Provide weapons to provoke violence. Intentionally creating communal tension. Receive political rewards. An iconic, unholy masterplan, straight from the game plan of @BJP4India! “The video post was titled by Mr. Banerjee.

The BJP has now claimed that the clip uploaded by Mr. Banerjee, who is also Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s nephew, did not originate from Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Howrah protest.

“TMC MP Abhishek Banerjee shared video clips of Ramnavami Shobha Yatra organizers in Howrah, VHP, asserting they were not from their Yatra. He is disparaging Hindus and should be investigated for creating division religiously.” This is a crime that can be punished, the Bengal branch of the BJP tweeted on its official account.

According to Chandannagar Police Commissioner, Section 144 of the CrPC was implemented in the Hooghly district’s Rishra and Serampore areas to preserve the current state of law and order. Police continue to pursue the perpetrators.

Earlier in the day, many vehicles were ignited in Howrah after two groups came into conflict during Ram Navami festivities. Rioters attacked vehicles and damaged both public and private property while the procession was in progress.

The administration of West Bengal on Friday gave the Criminal Investigation Department control of the inquiry into the riots that took place in Howrah during the Ram Navami celebrations (CID). A special team working under the supervision of CID Sunil Choudhury, the Inspector General of Police, has begun the investigation.

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