CM Gehlot’s Push For Right To Health And Old Pension Scheme

Raj CM Ashok Gehlot is dedicated to the success of the Right to Health Act and the Old Pension Scheme

The chief minister mentioned his government’s public welfare programs and predicted that the PM would eventually have to approve most of the initiatives taken by the Congress government. Gehlot was speaking at the RajHealth portal’s inauguration event in Jaipur.

Implementation of two major schemes

On Wednesday, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot declared that “no one can stop it” because he is committed to seeing that the Old Pension Scheme (OPS) and the Right to Health (RTH) Act are successful.

Gehlot at the RajHealth portal inauguration ceremony

Gehlot was speaking at the RajHealth portal’s opening ceremony. “The majority of the initiatives of the Congress government will eventually have to be accepted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” he said, referring to the public welfare programs of his administration.

CM Gehlot To Launch Statewide Price Relief Campaign For Citizens On 24th April

CM Gehlot To Launch Statewide Price Relief Campaign For Citizens On 24th April

The chief minister claimed that “he would ensure that the OPS and RTH programs are completed.”

We receive a great deal of criticism. Articles have been written in opposition to OPS and RTH.

Gehlot added that Congress will apply pressure on the Center and PM Modi to accept the majority of its programs. Since there is such a broad need for these plans, he continued, “No one can reject them.”

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What has Gehlot said about the Old Pension Scheme?

Gehlot added that a humane approach was used in the implementation of OPS.

“I’m providing pensions for 1 crore people. I have pleaded with the prime minister to enact social security legislation nationwide so that every family in need can receive some financial assistance, as is the case in many other nations,” he said.

About the Right to Health Act

According to the bill, “every citizen of the state now has the right to receive emergency medical attention and treatment from any public health institution, healthcare facility, or specifically designated healthcare center, without advance payment of any additional fee or charge.”

An institution, facility, building, or location, whether public or private, that is used to provide healthcare is referred to as a “healthcare establishment” in its entirety or any part of it. The government will compensate the healthcare provider if a patient does not pay the bills after receiving emergency care, stabilization, and referral.

About Old Pension Scheme

The government reinstated OPS from an individual viewpoint in consideration of the employees’ long-term security. The reinstatement of the OPS will allow the “employees to work with responsibility and be free from worrying about the future.” OPS is a crucial form of social security that will safeguard retired officials as they age.

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