Congress Demand All Party Meet, Slams PM Modi For His Silence

The Prime Minister’s silence on the ongoing ethnic violence in Manipur has been criticized by Congress party. The Congress party has called for an “all-party meeting” to address the escalating violence in the region and demands answers from the government.

According to Congress General Secretary K.C. Venugopal, Manipur has been engulfed in chaos for the past 40 days, with a complete absence of the rule of law. Venugopal accuses those in power of being involved in massacres and supporting militants with weapons, while the Prime Minister remains silent and fails to take concrete action. Venugopal insists that those responsible for the dire situation must be held accountable and urges the Prime Minister to convene an all-party meeting to address the concerns of the nation.

Here Is Congress Party’s Press Conference From Today

Former Home Minister P. Chidambaram also criticizes the Chief Minister of Manipur, stating that he has lost the trust of the people, and asserts that the double-engine government, consisting of the State and the Centre, is failing the people of Manipur. Chidambaram highlights the Prime Minister’s lack of response since May 3, emphasizing his absence from the state and failure to address the situation.

In summary, the Congress leader expresses dissatisfaction with the Prime Minister’s silence on the ethnic violence in Manipur and demands an all-party meeting for answers. Congress General Secretary Venugopal accuses those in power of supporting violence and urges accountability. Former Home Minister Chidambaram criticizes the Chief Minister and highlights the Prime Minister’s lack of action and engagement with the situation in Manipur.

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