DK Shivakumar Predicts Congress Winning This No. Of Seats

The Karnataka Congress’s DK Shivakumar spoke with a news agency about the number of seats his party will win in the upcoming state Assembly elections.

Congress Winning This Many Seats In Karnataka Assembly elections

This time, according to DK Shivakumar, the Congress flag will fly in Karnataka. In an interview with India Today, he expressed his confidence in the Hastam party’s success in the assembly polls scheduled for May 10. He predicted that his party will win more seats than the majority, and he knows exactly how many.

In an exclusive interview with India Today TV managing editor Rajdeep Sardesai, Karnataka Congress chief DK Shivakumar revealed the precise number of seats his party will win in the forthcoming state Legislature election. In the election that will take place on May 10, according to Shivakumar, the Congress will prevail with 141 seats.

There are 224 assembly constituencies in Karnataka. The 113 constituencies needed to establish a state government are far outnumbered by the number of the Congress leader. DK Shivakumar, on the other hand, claims that Congress will obtain over 141 seats this time, and not a single seat less.

Shivakumar asserted that Congress would win a majority in Karnataka when asked if the upcoming elections would be “make or break” for him. Shivakumar responded, “I won’t break, I will make it.”

Does Hung plan on seeing Karnataka as well? In response to the query, he stated that the actual circumstance will not arise. He predicted that Congress would have a solid majority. He said that forming a team with JDS was not necessary. He made it abundantly clear that he would not meet with any party.

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On Thursday, the Karnataka Congress unveiled its second list of contenders. 166 candidates have now been announced by the party as a result. The announced candidates, according to DK Shivakumar, have the support of the entire party.

Additionally, he rejected the idea that he and party chief Siddaramaiah have different priorities for candidates, asserting that “we want Congress candidates” and saying neither of them is pushing for a specific candidate.

In addition, when asked if he would run for the chief minister of the party, he responded that the party commanders would make the final decision.

It is said that if the chance presents itself, no one will give up. Each figurehead desires to be the chief executive minister, he revealed. On May 10, a single phase of elections for the state of Karnataka will take place. DK Shivakumar is running for the assembly seat in Kanakapura.

Results will be made public after the counting is completed on the 13th. The most recent Cvoter poll also indicated that Congress will prevail this time. According to the opinion poll, the seats can be increased to 123.

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