Exit Polls: Telangana and Chhatisgarh To Congress, MP to BJP, Close Fight In Rajasthan

As exit polls from different agencies and media houses have started to come out on the results of 5 state assembly elections major political parties have started reacting, Congress and BJP are claiming victory where the exit polls have favored them in respective states so far and rejecting the exit polls that are not giving the desired results in each state.

Many of the polls are suggesting a neck to neck fight in Rajasthan with a slight edge to incumbent Congress party which if happens will be major and historical change for the state as no govt has been able to retain power since last 3 decades.

In Madhya Pradesh almost all the exit polls are giving clear majority to the ruling BJP which will be a major boost to ruling CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan and also a testament to the center’s experiment of fielding parliamentarians in the state.

In Chhatisgarh exit polls are giving clear majority to the ruling party Congress and CM Bhupesh Baghel.

In Telangana KCR looks like facing a very big blow and exit polls are showing that Congress will be able to form the government their which would mean a clear and sound position in Southern India as Congress gloriously won Karnataka earlier this year.

In Mizoram ZPM is looking set to win clear majority and staying in power after getting somewhere between 28-35 seats in the state assembly.

Here are the exit poll results for the 5 State Assembly Elections from different media houses and agencies:

Axis My India Mizoram Exit Poll

MNF: 3-7
ZPM: 28-35
Congress: 2-4
BJP: 0-2
Total seats: 40

Telangana Exit Polls: Times Now-ETG predictions

BRS: 37-45
Cong: 60-70
BJP: 6-8
AIMIM: 5-7
Total: 119

Today’s Chanakya Exit Poll predictions for Rajasthan

Cong: 101 ± 12
BJP: 89 ± 12
Others: 9 ± 7
Total: 200

Madhya Pradesh Exit Poll predictions: Axis My India

BJP: 140-162
Congress: 68-90
Others: 3
Total seats: 230

Chhattisgarh Exit Polls: Dainik Bhaskar Chhattisgarh exit poll predictions

BJP: 35-45
Cong: 46-55
Total seats: 90

The final counting and corresponding results for all the 5 states will be out on 3rd December 2023. These state assembly elections are being seen as a set toner for the general elections in April-May 2024. Many big leaders and their reputation and grip on the masses is on the line with the results of these 5 states.

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