Former J&K Governor Satyapal Malik’s Explosive Interview On Pulwama and PM Modi

During an interview, Satya Pal Malik, the former governor of Jammu and Kashmir before it was divided and reduced to Union territory status, made a statement that could have significant political implications for the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Modi government. Malik stated that he can confidently say that the Prime Minister does not have a genuine issue with corruption.

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Prime Minister Is Ill Informed and Ignorant

Satya Pal Malik, who served as the governor during the Pulwama terrorist attack in February 2019 and the abrogation of Article 370 in August of the same year, stated in an interview that the Prime Minister is “ignorant” and “ill-informed” about Kashmir. Malik also disclosed that the Prime Minister asked him not to speak about the lapses of the Union home ministry that led to the Pulwama terrorist attack. In the interview, Malik stated that the attack was caused by the “incompetence” and “negligence” of the Indian system, particularly the CRPF and the home ministry, under the leadership of then-home minister Rajnath Singh. Malik provided intricate details of how the CRPF had requested aircraft to transport its jawans, but the Union home ministry denied the request. Malik also mentioned how the route was not adequately sanitized.

Don’t Say Anything On Security Lapse : Modi to Governor of J&K

Satya Pal Malik stated in an interview that he directly addressed all the lapses that led to the Pulwama attack when the Prime Minister called him from outside Corbett Park. He revealed that the Prime Minister told him to keep quiet and not tell anyone about the lapses. Malik also claimed that NSA Ajit Doval instructed him to remain silent on the matter. Malik realized that the motive was to shift the blame to Pakistan and use the issue for political gain by the government and the BJP.

Former J&K Governor Satyapal Malik made some explosive statements on PM Modi and government of India's lapse that caused Pulwama.

Former J&K Governor Satyapal Malik made some explosive statements on PM Modi and government of India’s lapse that caused Pulwama.

According to Satya Pal Malik, there was a significant intelligence failure in the Pulwama incident as the car carrying 300 kilograms of RDX explosives came from Pakistan and travelled through the roads and villages of Jammu and Kashmir for 10-15 days without detection or anyone’s knowledge.

Satyapal Malik On Mufti

Satya Pal Malik elaborated on his decision to dissolve the assembly in November 2018 instead of allowing Mehbooba Mufti to form a new government despite her claim of having the support of a majority of 56 out of 87 members in the assembly. Malik accused Mufti of lying and stated that the parties whose support she was claiming, such as the National Conference, were actually urging him to dissolve the assembly due to concerns of horse-trading.

Satya Pal Malik claimed that the Prime Minister lacks knowledge and awareness about Kashmir, and described him as “ignorant” and “ill-informed”. Malik expressed his belief that revoking Jammu and Kashmir’s statehood was a mistake and it should be reinstated without delay. He also alleged that the Prime Minister is focused only on his own interests and disregards other considerations.

On President Not Allowed To Meet Anyone Without PM Nod

According to Satya Pal Malik, all appointments made by President Droupadi Murmu are reviewed and approved by the Prime Minister’s Office. Malik claimed that an appointment that had been offered to him by the President when he was the governor was revoked at the last minute, even though he was on his way to Rashtrapati Bhavan.

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